The Future of America?

A few years back I heard a discussion on Bill Bennett's Morning in America between the host and a caller.  The topic of conversation combined two trends that the American Left (and frankly, too many on the Right) are allowing to occur, and, in fact encouraging.  The first is an open-borders policy which with every wave of illegals from south-of-the-border makes the United States more latinized everyday. The second is what author Andy McCarthy has described as the Grand Jihad,  the movement by Islamic radicals to spread Islam throughout the world and re-establish the Caliphate.  The theme of the exchange was that the United States would very likely be majority Latino by mid-century, and that Islam, another beneficiary of misguided immigration policies, would be making vast inroads into the American culture.  "I hope they will be able to oppose Islam when it becomes a powerful force." They is the Latinos who will be running the country.  What irony there was in that statement, I mused.  So I took that thought, and expanded it:

Imagine a United States dominated by a Latin-American controlled liberal political party; led by a beautiful and charismatic Latina from Texas whose administration has systematically stripped the rights of its citizens and its states for the purposes of consolidating federal power.  Her policies manage a slow collapse of the American economy, and a steady decline in American power around the world.  Then, toward the end of her second term, a coalition of Islamic nations attacks the United States, destroying several U.S. cities, invading and occupying San Francisco, and assassinating her, the President of the United States.

This is the opening theme to my book, House of War

House of War is a cautionary tale set in the near-future. A aforementioned political party is in control of the United States government.  Europe’s Muslim population has gained majorities within the European Union.  In response to Chinese wars of expansion, an alliance of Islamic nations has formed.  It strikes out at America in manners unimaginable – by invasion and mass-casualty attack on multiple American cities. Among the powerful members of the president’s cabinet is a fundamentalist Muslim infiltrator who is an enemy of the people. At the upper echelons of American government is ineptitude and lack of resolve. A grossly neglected United States military must cope.  What the attackers haven’t counted on are the tenacity of an accidental president, the courage and resourcefulness of Coast Guard units, and a citizen who has the grit to sow the seeds of revolution.

Please take a look at House of War, now available on Kindle e-books, and may God Save America.


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