The Fox Business Debate: My Take

The Fox Business Debate

Imo,  Rubio stepped up.

Trump bullied Fiorina (booed by the audience)

Then there's...(oh god)...Kasich... He makes the likes of Biden and Quayle look like INTELLECTUALS!  Here is evidence that having been a  governor does not automiacally qualify a person to be potus.

And the GOP princess, little Jebbie, should quietly go away w/ John Kasich. 

And that's my take in a nutshell!

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  • Hmmm... Trump...60 Minutes...and China

    1. In the history of 60 Minutes, there's never been LIVE interviews.  It's all pre recorded on location.  60 Minutes is a TV magazine.  Thus, Trump was never a "stablemate" w/ Putin. 

    2. Rand's calling out Trump on China and TPP was PRICELESS!  More proof that Trump is truly full of "himsef"! 

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