The fight for our nation continues.....

On the night of Nov 6, 2012 I had the saddened feeling that our nation just suffered a mortal blow. With the putting down of the voter ID laws, the lies and propaganda from the left, the massive voter fraud that was reported it was clear that the election was a sham. That the liberals went out of their way to ensure they wouldn’t lose. And now the liberals are doing everything possible to ensure they will remain in power as long as we continue to have free elections.

The current unemployment rate is supposedly 7.6% and the U6 unemployed/underemployed rate is at 13.8%. These don’t consider the millions of unemployed Americans whom are past unemployment benefits. Our economy is stagnant.  Prices keep going up and up yet the White House wants to claim things are improving.  The current inflation rate is at %1.5 which is not a sign of economic recovery and our GDP growth rate is a measly %2.5 which falls short of what was expected. None of these indicators show that the economy is improving, in fact its pretty dismal.

Now as icing on the cake the liberals in Washington both Democrat and Republican wish to allow between an estimates 11 to 30 million illegal aliens to have the opportunity to become citizens with tons of government provided benefits.  Now lets look at this a minute, why are they considered illegal aliens. Could it be because they have shown utter contempt for our laws with the way they chose to come visit our nation? So why would our law makers wish to make these people with contempt for our laws citizens. Because they will vote Democrat and the Democrats will be able to stay in power longer than they ever thought possible. Don’t anyone think its because they actually care about the illegal immigrants, its all so they can have millions of new voters.

The ramifications of this is bewildering. Social security will go bankrupt much sooner than anticipated for the ranks of those receiving social security benefits when they never paid a dime into it will will drastically increase which means that many hard working Americans who have paid into it their whole lives will be left destitute just so that the Democrats can maintain power. Medicaid and Medicare will also be over burdened meaning those true Americans like our seniors will go without medical care all because the Democrats want more voters in their favor. The ranks of those receiving entitlements will also be hurt for the competition for government housing and benefits will become to the point that true Americans will be made to wait while we cater to the new Democrats. And last the working class Americans will suffer the most because of this. Competition for jobs will sky rocket while taxes to help support these new Democrat voters will also sky rocket. The only ones whom will benefit from allowing these illegal aliens to stay and become citizens is the illegal aliens themselves and the Democrat party.  President Obama refuses to allow any illegal alien be deported. President Obama demand the border patrol let even more cross our border because this is what he wants. He isn’t worried at all about the American people.

Our law makers need to know that we the people are against this. That we the people demand existing laws on the book be enforced and that we the Tea Party will put our full weight into removing any elected official who votes in favor of this. Once again we the people are all that stands against President Obama from destroying our nation.

Defending our nation is a tireless job. There is great hatred against us, the Tea Party because we are willing to stand up to the progressive liberal machine and fight it every step of the way. Yet fight we must if we are to preserve this nation that we all love for our future generations.

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  • Michael, you are asking those who can benefit the most to stop what will give them the power they desire! Sure it's treason....they don't care...because without them the people can do nothing but complain.

  • The immigration reform our "law" makers are considering is a slap in the face to American citizens.  There is not a damned thing about it that is beneficial to our country or it's citizens.  The only benefit to be had is to politicians.  The Left has long been tapped into this way to expand their voter base... Just promise free stuff and they will come.  Where does that leave the existing LEGITIMATE citizens?  SCREWED, that's where!!!  This "FREE" stuff is bought and paid for on the backs of the citizenry... However the politicians that stand to benefit by granting such "entitlements" are only concerned about their own political careers, and to hell with us!!! Folks, this is treason!!! When will they be held accountable???  We are watching our country be sold, manipulated and destroyed before our very eyes!!! We are being challenged by the Democrat Party (that has evolved into a Communism), a Leftist-propaganda machine that is the mainstream media, and an impotent, cowardly and complicit RINO party.  Between voter fraud and the growing number of people becoming dependent on the government (taxpayer) dole, I have little faith in our electoral process... Traditional options for change are dwindled..

  • i have relatives that live in arizona, and they never leave home without a gun, and always are readu to defend themselves at home. illegals are causing havoc in arizona, and it has already spread to the rest of the states. 75 percent of all warrants for murder in los angeles, calif. are for illegals.

  •    Any immigration plan or reform should have a clause denying ALL new immigrants voting rights for at least TEN years to guarantee that they really know the issues and how the constitution effects them , This would reveal just how much democrats really care about immigrants , and will prove they only ever care about people that they can  con into voting for them .

  • Daniel, our "law makers" know more than the people and they simply do not care. Why do you think obozo gets away with the crap he pulls: Congress does not have two stones between the two houses and the way we are going, nothing will change. Don't expect any of the tea party candidates to do anything in our favor because they turn rhino as soon as they are sworn into office with the very few exceptions. We're shit out of luck unless something drastic happens. I'm not giving up on our Republic, I'm looking for another way.

    Semper Fidelis
  • we must not give up the fight,the country is one of,if not,the best in the world,defeating the leftists and progressives must be accomplished,or we will lose all of our freedom,i refuse to let that happen

  •  Voter I.D. must become law I have to show picture I.D. regularly for many things much less important.

  • As said by Adm. Farragut, damn the torpedoes full speed ahead. This country is to PRECIOUS to give up on.

  • In a democracy the poor will have more power than the rich, because there are more of them, and the will of the majority is supreme.


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