The Exchange between Dozier and Me

When reading Dozier's remarks as first written, I interpreted them as I saw them.

Dozier's reply to me was both different from my interpretation of his original comments, and a correct statement of truth. In fact Dozier's second comments sounds quite sensible, except for his snide insult. I will pit my knowledge and intelligence against him, simultaneously with  any segregated black posse in the country. 

  As I said before, about 98% of blacks in this country are racist and black supremacist, in fact they have a death grip on American culture. They did not obtain that death grip in a fair arena or by any objective rules of honor. They obtained that power because the major propaganda monolith in this country is the enemy of the white majority. The same can be said of the government, most universities, and practically all institutions where neo-communism reigns. The fact is that ugly, vicious and genocidal, minority parasites control this country. Their power must be broken by any means possible and at any cost.

In the meantime, it will take more than words to convince me that people like Dozier, Carson and other apparently honest blacks,  really mean what they say. Why?  Because by supporting that truth, they become enemies of 98% of their race. If the truth and honesty gains sway in this country then minority parasitism is dead.

In this cultural/racial war there is no compromise. We are fighting for our survival,  for the fruits of our labor and a majority voice in what is now a totally unrepresentative minority tyranny. We must refuse to pay taxation and the elevated fixed prices of marxist-capitalists, until we get REPRESENTATION in our own government. We must establish new political parties that do not pretend to represent "everybody," but only represent the white majority. The minority parasitic government has brought about a great polarization in this country and they are to blame for the fact that a civil war will be required in order to throw them out of control. We will beat minority parasites and all the white hyenas, whether mentally degenerate or simply corrupted renegades, who support the racist totalitarianism that now stands between us and liberation.

Minority Tyranny has brought about a great polarization that will result in civil war. Why? Because the criminals now in control of the USA will never relinquish their dishonestly acquired power, without a blood bath.

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  • Who are you Kidding Samuel L. Smith? You pompously proclaim yourself as another renegade republican. While touting yourself as an expert you expect my percentage of black racists to be accurate down to the decimal point. Then you swing towards, "See I'm Sam Smith. Some of My Best Friends Are Black and Believe me Hardly any blacks are racist." And Jack Smith is an ill-informed "white supremacist" because Sam Smith , being "precise" of course says: "truth is truth and right is right and oh yeah wrong is wrong." Then I am called uniformed, of course Dozier, Carson and Smith are totally informed? but smith offers no evidence to support his bias EXCEPT his butt-licking, fawning black lick spittle attitude that Ben Johnson is  a Black God, and therefore entitled to be president." I ask why? Sam Smith boils it down to the fact that Ben Carson's skin makes it so, he's black doncha know? Then we learn that Carson is a HERO OF GIGANTIC CHARACTER. Why? Because he performed surgery and that too is supposedly an excellent qualification for president. It just means that Ben Carson is not qualified and an unknown factor, just like obama...No he is not qualified for any political office, except to fools like Sam Smith. Smith claims he knows that wrong is wrong , because down in his tummy, his feminine intuition tells him. (He wants to be the first white renegade to call Jack Smith a racist supremacist and force him to shut up!)But his brain is not in gear. If it was, he would have read what other people introduced as evidence against Ben Carson (See James Lake's excellent report.) But the swooning Sam Smith, an egotistical narcissist of the obama grade, explains that he is a member of the American historic nobility and therefore should be believed. Any damn white supremacist or racist is not on the par with the emotionally messed up Sam Smith (a typical she-male follower of Carson) Why? Because his family history is soo great. I say, Smith's ancestors would roll over and spit in his face if they knew what an unthinking black racist pig he has become. Then Smith raves about what he wants to do to obama, but wait, he's too busy pimping Carson to do anything. I am sickened by such shallow, ignorant, bigoted, emotion-crazed black racists as Sam Smith. They are conditioned by the media to be black supremacists and the facts don't matter. Sam is too typical of the followers of Ben Carson who worship the idea of a black boss and an intense bro-hug from such a black god. I am disgusted with Sam Smith, a typical republican effeminate who thinks with the pitter pater of his black yearning heart rather than using his limited brain power. I refuse to let such an unthinking louts giving lip service to ideas that take imagination, hard work, courage and organization, while he is actual pleading with silly female emotionalism for sanctification of his own personal black racist yearnings. Of course men like Sam Smith, back-stabbing white renegades, will do anything to destroy people like who who dare challenge and confront his icons,

  • Again. I have not seen Dozier's position, but whatever it may be, I comment on Jack smith's comments.

    Jack is generalizing when saying that 98% of blacks are racist. He is probably correct that a majority are racist, but there re many who are not — far more than the 2 percent that Jack's analysis would state. He is right that the Politically Correct Police control most universities, colleges and too many school systems, but I question the 98%. In fact this continued over percentage position calls Jack a white supremacist. As you can see by my 11/2008 picture, I am as white as they come. But truth is truth and right is right. Wrong is also wrong.

    I see the "Uncle Tom" attitude toward Dozier (about whom I know nothing) and Dr. Ben Carson, as an at least partially under-informed view on Jack's part — at least in the case of Carson.

    A few months ago, I might have echoed Jack's assessment, but as I became more familiar with Dr. Ben Carson's life history, from his mother's early marriage and subsequent divorce from a bigamist, through her push for him to excel and not be a "welfare" statistic and his own initiative in goal setting, hard work, studies, accomplishments, common sense views on most subjects when asked difficult questions (No childish temper like TRUMP has acted out!), demonstrated diplomacy and even Statesmanship as well as the overall strength of character to accept the challenge of operating to separate two cranially conjoined Siamese twins in a less than ideal hospital, argue with doctors for several hours before the operation, then spend 19 hours performing the operation and still having a steady enough hand to accomplish a first-time ever successful operation of that kind and go on to fund a scholarship trust ( And the list goes on and on and on of the man's accomplishments. No, he is clearly a man of CHARACTER of HEROIC proportions.

    As you can tell by now, I, a white male raised in a Revolutionary War era mentality by descendants of Fielding Lewis whose wife was Betty Washington, sister of General/President George Washington, and who was an anchor in the Lewis family of Virginia which sent 2 Lewises and one Smith into battle in the Revolutionary War. That was on Dad's side. On Mom's side, was Major George Rogers Clark of Ohio whose Revolutionary Army force chased a British foirce clear up into Canada and whose younger brother, Will, accompanied Meriwether Lewis (my ancestral relative). Billy Mitchell of "Bombs Away on Tokyo," was a Clark relative on Mom's side.

    Dad's father's brother's son was the late Conservative Chairman of the House Rules Committee, Judge Howard W. Smith (D-VA). And I was defeated in the first Republican Primary in 100 years in Ocala, Florida in May 1966 when I was running for a lowly County Commission post with a goal of a 1980-88 White House occupancy myself!

    I encourage everyone to 1. Pray for America's national survival against a Saul Alinsky/Josef Stalin/Communist inspired defacto Dictator.

    2. Pray for and encourage someone who is a SWORN OFFICIAL of the United States who vowed to Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, both Foreign (as Obamas truly is) and Domestic (as Obama FALSELY claims to be), to step forward to receive the Court-issued Legal Documents to Arrest and Prosecute the Illegal Indonesian Alien trespassing in the White House and usurping the authority of a legal United States President. He is there by FRAUD and therefore not entitled to the honor of iMPEACHMENT, but prosecution as the Illegal Alien who has committed COUNTLESS illegal, un-Constitutional acts against the United States including TREASON big time by giving BILLIONS of U. S. Taxpayer dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood to topple Hosni Mubarack as President of Egypt and install Morsi as Christian and even less than Jihhadist Muslims — massacring President and also to his own Kenyan Muslim Brotherhood terrorist half-brother. (The attrocities were horrenduous!) To prevent Ambassador Stevens from returning to the U. S. with the documentary evidence of the above and presenting it to Congress, our Muslim President HAD to eliminate the Ambassador and his documents, hence the Benghazi Assassination and destruction.

    Of Course, the consequences of seeming not to take appropriate action to Defend the U. S. compound in Benghazi was less than what the Arrival of Ambassador Stevens with Documents PROVING TREASON beyond question would have produced. So, as soon as the news of the Benghazi attack being a sure success in eliminating THAT danger, Obama and SecStaste Clinton could rest in confidence that their TREASON would not be found out! Why not go play golf while Benghazi burned? But "Be sure your sin will find you out!"

    Egyptians quickly tired of the butchery of their kinder neighbors and removed Morsi and th new Egyptian Intelligence RELEASED Evidence Obama and Clinton thought they had gotten rid of in Benghazi!

    Let's get those two TREASONOUS MURDERERS BEHIND BARS — before it is too late for America.

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