the enemy is not Trump, it is ourselves.

By: Juan Reynoso, WTP - activist –

the enemy is not Trump, it is ourselves.

A Nation Without Borders and Without Laws Is No Nation at All

American’s ignorance about our political system, our economic and illegal immigration is paved with misinformation from the Washington establishment and promoted by the corrupt corporate news media and big money. We must question; who benefit from illegal immigrants’ cheap labor and why the Washington establishment fail to secure our borders and allowed the invasion of illegal and fraudulent entry into our country to take American’s jobs. They come from India, Asia, Latin America and Europe. Cheap labor is the root of the demise of American middle class and the economic slavery of the American working class,  that get pay slave wages because illegal immigrants are willing to work for less money.

My question to all the ones that are defenders of illegal immigration and an immigration policy that has not restrictions is:

1-      Who will be accountable when immigrants will take over our communities, just like in our major cities; were gangs rule sector of the city and the police can’t make our cities safe for the law obedient citizens.    

2-     Who will pay for the arrest, prosecution and incarceration of illegal immigrants that commit crimes in our country.  -  Today we have 73,665 inmates in our deferral prison system at a cost of 25,327 per inmate; this is 1’865’713455. That cost us per year for failing to secure our borders and commit to zero illegal immigration system.

3-     Who will pay for the education of children that are illegal immigrants and the children of illegal immigrants that are being born in the United States. Here in Texas thousand enter Texas to give birth, so their child be American citizens. Texas spent $9,559 per student in grades K-12, but the national average is $12,061; just do the math, most illegal immigrants has 4 to 6 children $9,559X6=$57,354.  $9,559 is what we the Texas tax payers paid every year for the education of each student in Texas.

4-     Who will pay for the child welfare services of the illegal immigrant’s children born here in in our country.

5-     Who will be accountable for the lives and victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants.   -   Illegals murder 12 Americans daily -  

Soros plans endless anti-deportation protests

They come to benefit from our standard of living and send money to their family.

Immigrants crimes is the issue.

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