The "Dominique Strauss Kahn" Saga

There is one other tiny thing that I believe deserves our attention, the IMF Director “Dominique Strauss Kahn” who is currently getting smoked in NY. Not that any of his behavior is meant to be excused, if true then he should be smoked, but I would like to ask that you consider the source of the press release which found it necessary to describe the rape victim as this “devoutly Muslim woman” in her thirties (32 I believe), who was allegedly raped by this French Director of the IMF (they didn‘t exactly refer to him as the old Frenchman in his seventies) and who just happens to be staying in a $4000 a night room, and who has not yet figured out that a man with his social standing could easily have his special needs discretely serviced by an appropriately confidential escort service (but of course the poor bastard probably just wanted to save a few bucks and the dollar is doing so well right now) I just wonder if any of you remember past rape victims described as devoutly Christian, Jewish, or Catholic ladies? I don’t seem to be recalling the religious persuasion mentioned when our war correspondent was raped in Egypt, as the Messiah was orchestrating the Brotherhood Revolution there, do you? You don’t suppose “mr. o” is putting on a show trial for the Muslim Brotherhood - Nah, that’s awfully cynical - of course not!? So here we have this young, devoutly Muslim lady, a non smoker no doubt, with at least some kind of Muslim drab, and no makeup, a really hot number, being chased around a rather large hotel suite by a seventy year old Frenchman whom she can’t seem to shake, or escape from, and she is unable to inflict so much as a scratch, bruise, kick to the shin, or a black eye, on the old fart - but he is raping her!? Sounds plausible – do you think? Maybe it was pleasure rape? Oh did I mention that she doesn’t appear to have proper documentation to remain here legally, and as a devoutly Muslim PERSON TRUE TO HER BELIEFS she seems to have difficulty telling the truth!


A foreign dignitary traveling on official business and with what I would guess to be a diplomatic passport, and this guy gets snatched off the airplane within hours of the alleged crime, and just prior to departure. I seem to recall some former Muslim diplomats who committed rather heinous crimes, from rape to murder, and they used to be escorted out of the country based on their diplomatic passports and immunity. You don‘t think Obama and/or Holder had anything to do with the disposition of this old French bag of wind, do you? - Nah, of course not - just checking (in that case I have some really hot American real estate I want to sell you) but it does appear that under the Obama administration we do have a different set of rules, for their kind of people, and for the past 2 ½ years ordinary American citizens have unsuccessfully been wanting to bring Muslim criminals to trial, including the black panther assault at voters precincts, and the voting precinct fraud will continue through 2012 - do you think this might possibly have anything to do with Obama? Nah, of course not. You guys just aren’t focused on the right stuff, like the economy stupid, government motors bond fraud and auto jobs, inflation is zero (except for politicians - according to their pay raise they must be having a lot of inflation), and the Dems have lowered taxes after they raised them - and “mr.o” of course wants credit! I mean after all look at the jobs the Dems have created, in Brazil and Venezuela - our oil riggers can go to work down there, and we have found yet another rare lizard in Texas (the Pelosi Lizard), and we’ve have deported a few more illegal aliens, but of course we have a hell of a lot of them coming here - never mind the open flood gates! 


BTW: True to form Anthony Weiner didn’t let his crisis go to waste either - you all may remember how Weiner proudly took credit for throwing his Wiener around the congressional shower stalls. Needless to say he is quite proud of it and by the time he is done with this fiasco he will likely have a few more lower IQ teenage felines eating out of his hand. Well guess what Weiner, I have no respect for you at all and you have been abusing the trust of the American people far too long, so why don’t you let us take care of political matters, and American business, while you get the hell out of the congressional club benefits and try paying for your own damn rehab!



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  • Listen to the shameful courtroom CUA legal lingo! This is only one example of the horrific abuses by our legal system, as they are perpetrated upon our citizenry every day. "We the People" no longer have a place to seek justice, without fear of suffering financial ruin. How about enforcing the law on your devout Muslim sister, the housekeeper who just made a mockery out of your legal system.

    SHAME ON YOU Obama! I do hope that the French Government demands a full investigation of your grandstanding, and your blatant abuse of our legal system. You, your administration, and your special interests, are a disgrace to our Country!

    And while we are at it - I do not appreciate you redecorating my White House in Muslim drab - this is still a Judeo Christian Republic, Sharia Law and radical Muslims are not welcome here - you are renting my facilities and your Lease is up - go build your mosque elsewhere!

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