The Dept. of Education

I do hope that our people (Who are famous for having short memories.) will not soon forget the chaos that comes when liberals run the country. I know that the young have been brainwashed. I love my wife but she went to a ultra liberal woman's college. She doesn't see reality till it bit*h slaps her in the face. I see the wishful thinking that the far left has ingrained in her. She can't seem to take into consideration that things cost money !!!! Service's cost money. Nothing is for free ! She brings up the UK and Canada with their socialist health care. But when I ask, why if those are so good do people from the UK and Canada come here for serious operations ? Then I get the usual liberal rhetoric non-sense ! Face it my friends we need to take back the education system. There is the root of the liberal problem. The Dept. of Education is a liberal propaganda machine that needs done away with. You wanna cut government start there. Now the EPA, IRS, HHS and many others need to go. Look what Obama has done with them in six years. If they can be used to bypass Congress they gotta go ! End of Story.4063747479?profile=original

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