Donald J. Trump, is no conservativeHe was a Democrat before, he was a RepublicanThe Democrats, are laughing their butts offBecause, we are about to nominate aLiberal as the Republican presidential candidate. Personally, I think, I was right. You people are not ready! Why! Well,for one thing. You can't seem to stop murdering your own children. You seem to believe, that you can havea sovereign nation, without borders, or security, or a standing army. I don't get it, you want to kill capitalism. You want the rich to pay for everything but, you want to kill capitalism.The thing about Trump is, he is justProtecting his own interest, I can'tfault him for that. However, I believeMr. Trump, is willing to compromisehis values, and possible even his moralsI believe, he will go with the prevailingPolitical winds. He will, finishPresident Obama's distruction ofAmerica.I can't believe you all wantTrump; this is not an endorsementfor Ted Cruz, but I like him better thanTrump.I think, it's about time, that theTEA party finally unified and becamea Political party in it own rightA third party, the TEA party.Thanks
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