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  • insert - our Permission to run the USA.
  • The Democrats need to be drowned in a Sea of Holy Water. Whom do they think they are telling We The People what to do, think, eat, work, own a business or not, health care, its our Patriotic Duty to Pay MORE TAXES, etc. We The People pay their salaries and give them our Permission to run We The People's country the way our CONSTITUTION DEMANDS and is LAW TO ALL AMERICANS. Do not think the crooked crooney dems or repubs will get away with ruling like Kings thinking we are their Pheasants to do as they please. We The People are taking back this GREAT NATION and We The PEOPLE are demanding the TEA PARTY take over the PRESIEDENCY, CONGRESS AND THE SENATE, STATE AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT AS WELL. We The People demand being treat like our FOUNDING FATHERS WANTED THE PEOPLE TO BE HEARD AND TREATED. VOTE TEA PARTY BABY ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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