The Democratic Parties attempt to Enslave a Nation!

The truth about what is happening to this country! The Democratic Party and the leftists are attempting to roll back the history books. This time they do not care about race, color or creed. They are driving the country down a road that leads to one place. This place is for all of the citizens of this great country. Does anyone remember the word Debt Bondage, otherwise known as indentured servitude? Or, under more common terms Slavery! The enormous amounts of debts that this country is accumulating, and the Political decisions of the Democratic Party, are driving the citizens into slavery.

 We must turn the tide on this agenda immediately. We need to start casting our votes on a daily basis. Every dollar we spend in, or on a business that supports this cause or party is a vote in favor of them. These dollars are going to re-elect the politicians that are supporting this agenda.


 I am just one man, but I send this call out to the nation! We must rise up and stay ever vigilant! This is “The Land of the Free and the home of the brave”, but not for long if they have it their way.


We hear all this talk about defunding Obamacare, but what about the Democratic Party. It is the sad truth, but money buys elections. If we send a sharp message to the businesses, that are supporting the “Slavery Party”, or any other expansion of Governmental power. I hope that you will all consider this as a viable option for achieving our mutual goals.  Please comment and pass along to all of your friends.

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  • we ALL have been working hard for the past 3 years.
  • CJ. I would tend to think that you will just know when you have heard someone speak, by listening to what they say, how they say it and their overall passion on a matter, whether they mean what they say or not.  Yes, CJ, Constitution is a new heavily used word and the reason it is so heavily used is because the Constitution is being totally ignored by our present government.  This document, and all it stands for , cannot be ignored.  Also true, and probably the most true, is your statement referring to political gain.  Yes, CJ, I have been trying to reach people from coast to coast on this issue, and am trying to make them aware that we have had enough of the wrath of the CAREER PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS.  Face it, what else have they ever done?  What is it about the life of an everyday citizen that they are familiar with on a first hand basis?  What have they done beside's study and work at a calling that will offer them a possible position of power and profits.  NO, the professional politicians have absolutely no concern with doing what is right for the nation nor the citizens.  It is only what they themselves can amass personally in which they are concerned with. So, CJ, when you see the name of a CAREER PROFESSIONAL POLITICIAN, you will already have a clue to whom you CANNOT trust.
  • I'm leary of those who repeat our mantra....those who now continually say.... we are listening to the "people"...the people spoke on November 2...Constitution is the new heavily used word.,,and especially those who want to make claim to the Tea Party; its all for political gain.

    So who does one trust anymore.

  • Gentlemen, all true...unfortunately too true...and so, here we are.  It too, is a sad fact that money buys elections.  And, what is even sadder is the fact that for the most part, all the aggravated, upset, complaining individuals that frequent this and other sites with the same type format, are the exact ones that will in one aspect or another, take part in the next election being bought...   I challenge all that read what I am writing here,and all their friends and family that they can pass this along too, to pay very close attention to the potential presidential candidates and exactly what separates anyone of them from the next.  I have looked at their stance on the major issues, and they differ very little.  Especially on the issue in which they term "Illegal Immigration".  Even the one or two that do have any stance on this issue, are barely willing at all to do anything about it....and to actual eliminate it, none are willing to address that issue...NONE OF THEM....People wake up.
  • Mr. Hoover.

    I am glad to learn that someone else seems to have actually gotten it.

    I have been telling people this since the 1970's.

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