Brought to you by the American Tax Payer.  Well at least there are a lot of lessons to be learned out of the Democrat’s dog and pony show trial against the 2nd amendment, the right to use deadly force, the standing your ground [law] and the assumption your life is in danger when an innocent child is straddling over you beating your head against the concrete sidewalk. I’m waiting for the headline; DOJ To File Charges Against The Concrete Sidewalk. You have to admit if they were fighting on Grass, well at least one of them was, then the injuries would have amounted to nothing more than a shuffle between an adult and a child. There should be no doubt, this trial was against the American people who live by the rule of law and have to pay for this Democrat racist DOJ garbage stirring up racial division, the press would have been silent on that outcome. Oh yea, George Zimmerman just happen to be the long awaited innocent American to fall into their trap for the purpose of Gun control. After all, if George Zimmerman was not permitted to carry a gun then this unfortunate situation could not have happened and most likely we could have had just another dead crazy ass cracker that got what he deserved just trying to protect his neighbors.

The Democrats are now salivating over how many innocent Americans will just be killed rather than take their chance trying to protect their self against the absolute power and unlimited tax payer money of entire Federal Government all the way up to President Obama. How do you stand your ground against those odds. You can’t. The DOJ ruined George Zimmerman’s future, he’ll live in fear the rest of his life. Seriously, if you were innocent and had to kill a thug would you like to live like that? Hell no! This is why we need gun control so that only criminals have guns and only innocent Americans get killed. Look at how many unarmed innocent Americans are being killed in Chicago each day by finger guns and Pop-Tarts shaped like guns. Thank God, at least one Democrat, frivolous law-maker, in Chicago is using their pea-brain to introduce a new Bill that a person must be 21 years old before joining a gang of criminals in order to get their ICC, illegal concealed carry permit.

But oh my God, one  person kills an unarmed innocent child-like criminal thug thus totally destroying his potential gang-banger career, the Media and Democrat party along with the race-baiters Jessie and Al come unglued and push to spend, and actually do, millions of tax payer dollars on a frivolous law-suit for no other reason than to try and start race-riots. There is no real money in liberty and peace. This is why we need to shift gears and focus on the helping these potential thugs get educated on how to be a criminal, clean up their act and make sure innocent people with finger-guns and Pop-Tart shaped guns get blamed.

The article below, By Doug Giles, is excellent advice for innocent child-like thugs and gang-bangers in waiting.

If you’re in your late teens and you get shot after assaulting a neighborhood-watch supervisor, and you want someone else to get blamed for your behavior, here are thirteen tips to make you look like an “innocent child” that loves Skittles, doing math and riding horses versus a gangbanger-in-waiting.

1. Don’t have pictures on social media, or on your cell phone, of your holding guns like a gangsta.  If you do take pictures with firearms, make certain the weapon is held properly, away from the camera, with your finger off the trigger and it does not give off the I’m-a-criminal-in-training vibe. Just a thought.

2.  Don’t have multiple pictures of your inhaling weed floating around on either social media or in your cell phone where the police can retrieve them and use them against you.  This, too, hampers the “innocent child” motif.

3.  Also, when you do flip off the camera, go with the one-hand F-you, rather than the double finger fongool. The double-finger F-you is too over the top.  One F-you should suffice as it’ll show that you are a gentleman that has restraint and are an innocent soul, almost … child like.

Indeed, the one-finger F-you can easily be explained as innocuous, childhood banter between chums.  For example, “Hi, do you want to play?  No?  Okay, F-you. Have a good day, talk to you later”.  See?

The double F-you is harder to explain away as it gives more of an “F-off and die”, adultish message via the two foul hand gestures which definitely are not childlike.  Just pray about it and see what Jesus says.

4.  Don’t call a neighborhood-watch volunteer a “creepy-ass cracker” just before you assault him.  If you do call someone this racist term, make certain you do not say it to your friend who’s going to rat you out during a future cross examination in court.

5. While we’re on the topic of friends, be careful to establish credible friendships with young men and young women who don’t talk smack in court to lawyers, appear horrid on television, who can read cursive and they’re not … uh … um … inconsistent in their testimony.

6. Try to limit how many times you say, “motherf’er” on Twitter as it looks un-childlike when it’s thrust into the court of public opinion.

7.  Also, don’t say the N-word all the time in your tweets.  It’s considered rude and it could cost you a future cooking show, especially if you’re a white devil.  See link above for examples.

8.  Speaking of Twitter, don’t choose a handle like “NO_LIMIT_NIGGA” as it makes it difficult for the state’s attorneys in their prosecution, and for the media, to pawn you off as a mere lad that likes multi-colored, fruit flavored confectionaries and artificially flavored and sweetened canned teas.

9.  Forgive me for harping on social media etiquette, but I would also not say you, “wanna experience a white girl”, or mention that a particular young girl is adept at fellatio.  I would just stay away from all tweeting about fornication and violence.

10.  While at school, try not to get suspended for spray painting the children’s lockers with “WTF”, especially if you have in your current possession stuff like twelve articles of stolen women’s jewelry and a big-ass screw driver used for breaking into homes.

11. Regarding cellular telephonic decorum, don’t take pictures of pot plants, illegal guns or talk about buying illicit .22 or .380 caliber handguns from your youthful mates.  This, too, makes it hard for future defenders to explain away.

12.  While we’re on the topic of school, try not to bring your weed and weed pipe to school. If you do need to bring your hooch to school for your frequent panic attacks, or just to take the edge off the difficulties of the de rigueur of public education, try to conceal it better so you don’t get caught.

13.  Also, as you go through your teens, you might want to think about not getting tattooed too much. In addition, I would forego the gold-capped teeth and get porcelain veneers if you are truly in need of cosmetic dental work

Anyway, I hope this helps you should you ever end up in a predicament because of your poor choices and you’d like to have it blamed on others rather than you.  Y’know, the media and race baiters can work miracles but the more you hide/alter your current, aberrant behaviors, the easier it will be to blame innocent people.

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  • It may have been about race many many years ago but today it is about BAD BEHAVIOR.  People will normally avoid people who have bad behavior.  They will avoid them like the plague.  No one wants to live in a neighborhood where the residents do not know how to control their anger, their pain, their disappointments and who resort to violence in order to liberate themselves.  BAD BEHAVIOR is the real problem.  What do the parents of these people teach them.....most likely BAD BEHAVIOR.  To blame race is a tremendous lie....a really big lie.....which avoids reality.....the reality that people do not want to be around or be associated with people who have BAD BEHAVIOR PATTERNS.  

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