The Death and Failure of America!

We are seeing before our eyes the death and destruction of our country. And believe it or not, Its not from Obamacare, IRS overreach, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Common Core, Planned Parenthood, Acorn, George Soros, Russia, Iran, Musilums in the White House, or Miley Cyrus, etc., etc.  Most if not all of these things would not and could not be happening if our country wasn't losing its Morality and turning away from God. Oh no, not some more preaching!!!!  No just pointing out some very real facts. When God created man to walk the earth he also created woman to be his companion. He created man in his likeness and image to dwell on earth with woman and to produce children and populate the earth. And to serve and follow God in faith and love. The clear basis of all of mankind from the beginning. Was for the Family Unit of one man and one woman to have children and create a family unit and bond that wasn't to be broken or altered. The very foundation of humanity. And they were to follow Gods commands and laws so to be righteous and clean. They were to honor and love God above all for their saving Grace. And love one another as they love themselves. And all would be good. But with Satan running loose on earth this wasn't to be. He offered temptation and sin at every turn. What has been mans downfall and weakness from the beginning of time. Lack of Morality and Sin. All the Wars fought throughout history have started from sin. Greed for something more then you have, Wanting to take what doesn't belong to you, Lust for things you cannot have, Lies, Thievery, Corruption. All because of sin and immorality. Now lets jump to 2014. For well over 200 years our Country has been driven by living according to Gods will. By for the most part truth, honesty, compassion, doing whats right, telling the truth, serving and praying to God, hard work, love of God ,Family ,and Country. It has in the past served us well. And we became  the Greatest Nation and most Powerful on earth or in History. But in my time I most noticed the change start to occur ever since the assasination of John F. Kennedy. And it has risen ever since with it picking up speed during the Clinton years. And really getting bad from George W. Bush through Obama. From draft dodging in the late sixties, Drug use, free love, burning bra's, Govt coverups, Govt intrusion, Govt. overreach, Corruption, Lies, Fraud, Nudity, and foul language everywhere on movies and tv. everything is becoming acceptable. Way to much in the family life that would not have been permitted before is becoming the norm or reality. God is being pushed out of every square. To many people want what isn't theirs, to many people want to do nothing, to many people just want instant gratification and right now,regardless of how wrong it might be. To many people want to just accept the bad and the perverted in our society instead of taking a stand and speaking up and saying thats its just wrong. to many want to go along just to get along. Which brings me to this week in the news. Governor Jan Brewer vetoed a bill dealing with rights of Christians and Homosexuals. Here is one of the biggest underlying problems with whats wrong in America today and its dark path its headed down. I dont know fully what was in this bill she Vetoed. And she may have had legitimate reasons for vetoing it or broke under pressure from threats of Corporations or political reasons. We don't really know. But it is clear that everytime we bow to the sins of man we place another nail in the coffin. I'm not against Homosexuals per-say. Its their lives, they can lead them however they want. And their lifestyle is no more sinful then any other sin. However its still a sin according to God. And since Gods Laws are above any man made laws. God's should be honored first. No where in the Bible or the Constitution or Bill of Rights, Does it give anyone the right by law to go against God's Laws and Commandments. No one has or deserves the civil right to establish laws that contradict Gods Laws or Commands. Our Constitution says all men are created equal. Yes we are all equal in status. No human being individually being better or worse than any other. Or anyone being more sinful than another. But just like no one can push a particular religion on another. No one has the right to push a particular and sinful lifestyle on others. The Homosexual Agendas as having been reported at various times is to Destroy the Family Unit and its perception. Destroy the very Fabric of Society. So that they can pretend and get everyone else to believe that their lifestyle is Natural and Normal when God clearly says it isn't. Or Homosexual Marriage that God himself has ordained as only between a man and a woman for obvious reasons. No matter what Laws man may make. If it goes against God or subverts God's will. Nothing you can say or do is ever going to make that Law, Right or Just. The same goes for the premeditated Murder of innocent lives through Abortion. No one should through law, Civil or not be forced to perform services that goes against their faith or beliefs irregardless. Thats effectively taking away one persons rights and substitute those for rights of another that don't exist and never have just to make them feel good. Here again it all gets back to morality and God. And doing whats right. Alot of Politicians these days vote however the winds blow, With no real backbone, purpose or path. Other then to stay in office. Just to have that power and special perks. You will find that most Politicians will Vote to take away everyones rights, freedoms, money, and so on if it benefits them. Even if it means cutting off their own noses to spite their faces. So to wind this down. We need to vote for people who actually have a conscience,moral fortitude, backbone, and God beliefs. Not just vote for whoever might win. If we keep voting for people on the sole reasoning that this person has a better chance of winning, We will never get who we truly want or need into office. We have some candidates that look good but do they truly stand for Christian beliefs and God. For Traditional Family Values, or our Country and Military's best interest or just their own. We need to know this! Before we vote them in. It should never be like a Karl Rove thing that you vote just to win, regardless of who you end up with. If we can all get on the same page an vote for the kind of Leader and President, Congress, and Courts we need and want, We can still turn this around. Right now we have in those positions just who we deserve from making very bad decisions. Your never going to get our country back by giving in to everthing. And never standing tall for anything. We need to have a solid Party, With a solid foundation formed in God. And his ways. Either the Republican Party needs to do a full restructuring and foundational change or develope a new party. But here again regardless of whats in the news today or yesterday about all the chaos in our Government or Country. It all gets back to beliefs, values, right or wrong,  good and evil. MORALITY and GOD's Will.

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