The Cosmos and You

The ancients saw the movements of the heavens, and nothing better to do with their time, concocted mathematically, in addition to the physical universe, personal characteristics and earthly events. As quaint as it appears now, when you add up the facts, do we know as much as the ancients? Conveniently, we can know only that which has verifiable consequences in experience, and is mathematically measurable. It’s all pretty cut and dried.

The state of mind, the soul, consciousness, our immaterial essence, animating principle or actuating cause of life, where does it begin; where does it end? The universe is multidimensional. This is the only explanation for infinity. I asked a genetics expert: “where does the genetic code come from?” His answer: “We don’t get into that.” Religion gets into that, and the supernatural is license for any and everything man dreams up. It’s a fake existence.

We want change and we don’t get it from the religious and secular establishments. We get variations of the same. The mathematics of the ancients tell a different story. Quantum physics is joining ranks with the ancients. Quantum physics is the study of the smallest “excitations” of a quantity; that is, the quantities that go to make matter, which don’t behave like the world we know. Classical physics maintains that the microcosmic does not have one thing to do with the macrocosmic universe. You have to understand that the mathematics that measures the time-space consortium doesn’t work. The mathematics of the microcosmic universe takes into consideration what Werner Heisenberg called the “uncertainty principle,” that there is an unknown factor in the movements of the universe for which conventional mathematics does not account. Think of it as internal, qualitative mathematics, with rejection of the status quo establishment’s external, quantitative mathematics.

With their internal, qualitative mathematics, the ancients said: so is the microcosmic, so is the macrocosmic, and quantum physics says the same. Classical physics, out of convenience, says it is not the same. Everything has to be measurable by conventional means. How do you measure your mind? Convention has no idea of where the mind is, but insists, conveniently, that it is within your skull. Your mind is in a state. It has no boundary.

This brings me to the gap between what the ancients believed and what moderns believe, but, alas, renowned quantum physicist Richard Feynman said, “I think I can safely say that no one understands quantum mechanics. Do not keep asking yourself, if you can possibly help it, ‘but how can it be like that?’ Nobody knows how it can be like that.” Not so. Actually, there are those who do understand quantum mechanics, but they are accused of trying to smuggle God into physics. Conveniently, we don’t mix religion and science. It means we have to go back to the drawing board. The establishment’s grip on us would be broken.

Knowing nothing about astrology or quantum physics, in my forties my security began to become doubtful. I blamed it on external causes, the normal thing to do. Unknown to me, Uranus, my ruling planet, was moving into a position opposing itself when I was born. According to the ancients, it meant pressure to change. I doubted the existence of an external God in Heaven. Coincidentally, events led to the end of my business enterprise and my marriage. It was devastating. I didn’t deserve this.

In quantum mechanics, there are external laws of movement that are immutable, but quantum physicist and brain specialist Evan Harris Walker says these laws of motion “leave open a range of happenings that are left to the selection of the mind. Behind this selection is the will.” In the excitations of the very small, from lab experiments, quantum physics finds that there is a strange connection. In fact, excitations of the very small don’t know time and space. They exist in a state of infinite possibility. Walker: With the advent of quantum theory, “we have discovered proof that we exist as something more than pieces of matter. In the development of quantum theory, the observer emerges as a co-equal in the foundry of creation.” He is saying that the observer interacts with matter. He is saying that “consciousness, the substance of the new-found reality that defines the observer has fundamental existence. It is the quantum mind that is the basic reality.” He is saying that it is mind over matter.

Looking back, the key that opened the door to my rebirth was my Constitution. It began with blaming Uncle Sam for putting me out of business. I decided to study the law and how to proceed to take the IRS to court. My Constitution began with the Declaration of Independence, signed by a remarkable group of men. Winning the war for Independence against England, the most powerful nation on earth, was a miraculous feat. Coincidentally, the Declaration of Independence, signed by America’s forefathers on July 4, 1776, meaning that the United States was born with Uranus, its ruler, and Aquarius, the water-bearer to humanity, its symbol—and this historical fact should be noted: I was born with Aquarius on the rise, which meant that this Virgo, as I aged, would become more and more the Aquarian.

Before studying my Constitution, I was lost as to what I was going to do with the rest of my life. After studying my Constitution, strangely, I had a bigger than life calling. After my bigger than life calling, I decided to take a sabbatical. My plan was to buy a live-aboard sailboat and sail the Bahamas out-islands. It just so happened that I cut my umbilical cord with my past on Good Friday 1975. I didn’t plan it. I left my North Texas home and drove to Miami, Florida, arriving on Easter Sunday, symbolic of beginning my new life.

Everyone I knew thought I’d lost my mind. The IRS was on my case. My then wife was plotting how she could take it all and leave me penniless. I felt that I was being victimized without cause. Looking back, I was unconscious of that fact that my spiritual guides were leading me.

It was at that point in my life that I ran into an astrologer and had him create my astrological chart. I was not impressed. My chart didn’t fit me. I didn’t take any stock in his predictions.

While at sea, inexplicable events occurred that convinced me a higher power was at work in my life. I left the sea having saved seven lives from a watery grave, my own included. During my boat life, I married my first mate. Once I left the sea and took a career job, my third marriage fell apart. My first mate wife left without notice. I never saw her again. My astrologer had predicted the day I’d meet my third wife, along with a warning that she would get in my cash box. He was right.

Once again the inexplicable occurred. Wife number four appeared, and only two weeks after number three wife departed, when the last thing I wanted was another wife. My astrologer told me that a partner was the most important thing in my life but there would be misgivings. True. After one wife left, another appeared. But this time was the magic charm. The minute we met it was like meeting an old friend I’d not seen for a long time. This is off the chart. On our first date, a hike with Karen to Multnomah Falls near Portland, Oregon, nearby Mt. St. Helens erupted, symbolic of after a calamity, hope and renewal. We’ve made a good match. Our marriage is on its 28th year.

My career job in Portland ended in 1981, for the same reasons my own business in Texas ended in 1975. I was in the lumber business. High interest rates shut off building. There were valid reasons for leaving the first time. I had a bigger than life calling. There was not a valid reason for leaving the second time. My astrologer had told me my impulsiveness was something I would have to deal with. I made the mistake of retuning, this time with Karen, to my life at sea. Our sea venture ended on the rocks in the Caribbean. My astrologer was right again. It took eighteen years to return to my path of destiny. In the end, though, all my dreams came true.

Jesus came at the beginning of the Age of Pisces. Jesus’ last words were, “Forgive them father, for they know not what they do.” According to Astrologer’s Handbook, the Piscean personality, whose symbol is two attached fish swimming in opposite directions, indicating duality of emotions, is extremely responsive to others. According to the Bible, the ruling hierarchy of the Jews, who were responsible for Jesus’ crucifixion, and we find also that Pisceans unconsciously absorb the ideas and mental outlook of those around them, and they desperately want to do the right thing but as a rule they do not have strong wills, this kind of personality seems to fit with the crucifixion.

We are now moving into the Age of Aquarius. Aquarians bring us to brotherhood and fraternity. The water-bearer, Aquarians “spill out to mankind spiritual energy,” says Astrologer’s Handbook. It seems to fit with the teachings of Jesus, the second coming.

According to astrologers, there is no snobbery in the Aquarian personality; they abore hypocrisy. They operate as equals among equals. They are very independent. Unfortunately, during these transitory times, Aquarians can be eccentric, determined and stubborn, and can feel that others are unreceptive and incapable of comprehending their outlook. I read this in The Astrologer’s Handbook. I read that Aquarians tend to be annoyed by these uninformed people ,and that they argue and stir up much conflict. Sounds like the Tea Party.

Coincidentally, in Cosmos and Psyche, distinguished philosopher and cultural historian Richard Tarnas said that in November 2008, which happens to be the month and year Obama was elected President of the United States, Saturn and Pluto moved into their most unfavorable alignments. Thinking about the change from Pisces to Aquarius, Tarnas said we are now at the end of an era of widespread “indulgence, decadence, naiveté, denial and inflation.” Sounds more like the Tea Party and its calling to take the country back. Tarnas says this cycle lasts three to four years. The pieces of the puzzle are coming together to bring us a picture of what’s taking place.

I suppose you could call this my wild imagination. You could say it is preferable to believe in the supernatural explanations handed down by word of mouth thousands of years ago, the authoritarian talking.

Obama has the bad luck of Saturn being square Pluto. On my astrological chart, I see that my Saturn is trine Pluto. With Saturn trine Pluto, this, the very best of alignments, an omen, in Astrologer’s Handbook I read, “this trine gives the natives the ability to understand the laws by which subtle forces are organized.” According to Astrologer’s Handbook, it could have been an unconscious understanding if the subtle forces, or as I earlier mentioned, what Astrologer’s Handbook called spilling out to mankind spiritual energy, something Jesus did, and perhaps does now internally, time to move on.

Astrologer’s Handbook says, “the natives (those with Saturn trine Pluto) have tremendous willpower and are relentless in working toward a goal. . .They are able to work slowly and make fundamental and irrevocable changes in their own lives and others’ lives.”

Quantum physicist and brain specialist Walker: “There is a structure that I as a Christian find a justification of the central features of the Judeo-Christian conception of nature. But I also see, as one and the same, a Buddhist conception . . . a unity of nature, all things being aspects of mind.” This is an interesting conception, but having experienced an internal awakening of the power that lies within me, I perceive of a state of consciousness greater than my own with which I’m connected. The basic difference in Walker’s and my understanding is Walker’s conception, any of several doctrines, and mine, a perception—it comes to mind by means of my own senses or understanding—the choice: go on one of several age-old doctrines or on your own sense or understanding.

In The Rising Sign, under “Aquarius Rising,” I read, “He becomes the water-bearer by walking to the beat of a different drummer. He may be the person to bring back information that has been lost to civilization for centuries. . . He is willing to let go of the trunk of the tree to walk out on the edge of a limb. He knows where the fruit grows and where the spotlight can hit. He is not one to hide his light under a bushel.”

Under the sign of Aquarius, something to look forward to: the individual takes a different approach to life. He may rebel at crucial times and be unpredictable. His energy can be difficult to control. He may be far ahead of his time. He is likely to be original in his approach. He can express strong humanitarian concern. He is sure to have a strong sense of freedom for himself and others. It appears that we are leaving doctrinaire times. In your future, you are going to be on your own. You either change with the times or get left in a cloud of dust. In my own case, I could not ask for more, but I think we’ve got a lot of work to do to convince those of the Piscean persuasion to move on.

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