The Constitution Requires God

If we have no reverence to something higher than ourselves (God), then our nation is vulnerable to the whims of men. The founding Fathers were right to place power in the hands of the people. If our leaders lose site of God then they must answer to the people. Collectively we are the voice of God. Abraham Lincoln correctly stated, "You can Fool some of the People all the Time, You can fool all the People some of the Time, but you can't Fool all the People all the Time."We can no longer be fooled by failed ideologies that create failed policies. The adage, "Fool Me Once, shame on You; Fool Me Twice, shame on Me," rings true. We need to restore the Constitution which is One Nation Under God. Without a God, there is no other mechanism to maintain our Divine Rights.
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  • Tea Party Response to Secularism and Chrisitianity

    I don't want to use libraries of historical documentation to prove that God was prominent in the minds of the founding fathers. I think Socrates made it clear that competing ideologies should be set aside. I believe you have value to bring to this situation as well as I do. Let us reason together and address of issues that we have common interest. In this case the U.S.Constitution. I doubt your going to convince me there is no God as you cannot know how my faith was critical in this movement. My faith is personal and your lack of faith is personal. I could tell you that I responded to a small voice, yield by faith and allow natural law to take its course. The proof is in the pudding.

    I will not delve into your personal perspectives but will work with you on common interest (public policies) that will make our nation a better place for all.
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