A silenced People is not a Nation; rather a conditioning by license, certification, and registration; restricting voice and concern, imposed by a government not owned by the People. Fear to associate with dissention, discontent, differing opinion; fear of being exposed by the employer, church, the school, and government.  Political Correctness is just a tool to forbid expression; killing artistic comment, yet it should inspire, in spite of it.

As the People crumble in the shadow of Big Brother, and his affiliates the People acquiesce without protest, or a good fight; too busy? or too afraid? Of course, it would be ludicrous to risk home, job, financial security, marriage, and family just to save a Nation in my name; who am I?, one might say; what can I do?  What does it matter?

Yes, we are conditioned as if we were rats in the Skinner Box.  Oh, the conditioning of man is to test his will to think, AND ACT outside the box.

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