The communists/socialists know that they cannot defeat us militarily so they opt for undermining the moral foundation of American Society, namely, doing everything possible to undermine MORALITY in our Society.  They know that if the morality of Americans goes down so will the country eventually.  A country without a strong moral fibre is a country destined to collapse or implode.  WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!  That is why there have been numerous attacks against established religion.  People who worship God cannot be easily fooled by the forces of evil while those not spiritually aware are being steered into a life style that will eventually result in their destruction and the destruction of society.  Look around you at the grossly immoral culture that is growing by leaps and bounds.  WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE IT IS INDEED TOO LATE!

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  • Republican RINO'S are chipping away faster than the communists/socialists.

  • I am woke up long before many. I knew Obama was a comunist leader from the beginning. I said he was so similar to Hitler. Watch the rise and power of Hitler. You  will see how he munipilate the German and Jewish people. And this is what Obama is doing now to those who aren't informed on what's going on . God Helps us all- We need to get him impeached asap.

  • John Adams stated that our Government will only work with a moral and religious people.  And Nikita Kruchev said we will destroy you from within, and when meeting resistance, back off.  They are pushing hard at all our values, pushing gay rights, abortion, secularism, false propaganda on many fronts;   and not backing off anymore, but I believe Millions of Americans are waking up to Obama's obvious non-stop push to Socialism.

  • Hells Bells, and Why not? We just take on each Day thinking the the Good Bunny is Gonna make everything's just Ginger Peachy again....Well, it's just not going to happen Folks..The Communist/Marxist/Socialist Invasion has Landed and are well entrenched throughout the Land...The Tip of the Spear lies in our Nations Capital guided by our benevolent Congress and Senate and who's overall Goal is the Complete ruination of this Country....Believe! ~~ Geronimo

  • I find very disconcerting, in fact alarming, the fact that many if not most of our State level political representatives are unwilling to challenge the administration on its abuses, unwilling to stand their ground, unwilling to defend the Constitution, and unwilling to represent and defend the will of the people!     

  • I think we tolerate this crap because we are afraid to act...The consequences  of our actions would result in jail where all of the shit heads are waiting for people like us....When we all decide that jail is better than humiliation, maybe things will turn....just sayin

  • All Americans can never give up on America, one way or another we will win. I will post and repost, I will talk and talk, I will pray and pray, I will buy guns and more guns, I will stock up on food and more food, I will have a solar camper, and I will always be an American. There are good people in the government and the military so in the long run America will survive. But we do have to vote out the labled communists and socialist and muslims and czars. Allen West is the only VP please pass this one.


    Catholics are urged to resist unjust laws.  The Catholic bishops have stated, "We cannot comply. We will not comply". 

  • No one country can defeat us tis true.  But, we are up against a coalition of countries and they are waiting for the moment we are at our weakest.  The election process.  Then the attacks will begin from within.  We are on the brink of too late.  If we don't stop it now our own troops will be used against us.

  • I mistyped.   Khrushchev said, "We will bury you from within".

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