Choosing between a liar and a cheat is a fete for fools!  Old Lying Eyes Hillary or Grumpy Trump. We the People did not choose them.  Who did?; yet we are FORCED to decide between  them.  It is clear, We are not in charge, just as we were not in charge of the Choice of Chairman Mao Obama or PC Romney. 

Well, the Party chooses, a faction with an agenda, not necessarily ours; most of the time not ours, or disguised as ours. The engineering design is for our own good, or theirs? Trust common sense: It is to their good, alone; We are a by-product.

How easily We are led by propaganda and indoctrination; negating our values; way of life; principles and our Bill of Rights!  We are supposed to be the Government, who choose and elect Representatives who support and defend us.  We are the enemy?!  They are the enemy!  They have the absolute power over We.  We submit to their will, against ours.  What they have claimed: We are not competent enough to make decisions on our own; they know best. Is this any better than a Socialist Country?  Laissez-faire was the intent; the reality is they are in total control of the wealth and power.  We are children of the Government; nothing more!


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