We have no border.

And our nation is in an unprecedented trouble despite the liberal pundits claims that this has been going on for decades.  No.  THOSE illegal immigrants are now mowing our lawns.  It has NEVER been like this.

If we cannot protect our "border" from an influx of children how are we supposed to protect it from an influx of brutal, technologically savvy terrorists whose intent is to destroy us?

Mexico is no ally in any sense of the word for allowing these children to be transported 1500 miles through their country to get here.  These children should be put back on a caravan of busses immediately and sent to Mexico City to be dealt with there.  No questions asked.  Pronto mi amigo.  Es su problemo.

No one wants to see these children suffer but have you seen the photos and videos?  They all seem to have cell phones.  They are dressed nicely.  Crowded conditions?  I have seen much worse taking the E-Train into Penn Station!  They are getting free food, housing and medical care which is way more than I'm getting!  It's like they are on vacation and carrying a free pass into the United States.  Unlike the starving children in BOSNIA who are out of sight, out of mind.

Imagine this scenario:  The homeless in your town begin to cross your fenceline.  They camp on your lawn.  Your lawn is full of them.  They are children.  They are hungry.  They have chicken pox.  Do you start making sandwiches?  Do you provide medical care?  Can you afford to?  OR, do you call the police and have them taken away?

Imagine this scenario:  You have foolishly had five children you cannot support.  You put them on a bus to another state for that other state to deal with.  Would you get arrested?  Would this be acceptable?

WHAT is going on here?

Unfortunately, Mr. Obama, this is NOT a mole whacking game that you can turn off whenever you get tired of playing.  These INVADERS into our country need to be whacked.  And whacked hard.


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