The Bloated Military budget

The Military budget could be cut in half and the USA would still be totally safe!  How is that possible ? Return to the idea of  M A D  mutual assured destruction !   We need to make every enemy know that attacking the United States will result in retaliation many time the scale of the attack on us, and we are the only nation ever to use nuclear weapons in war and we will do so again if we must !

We have boots on the ground in over 100 foreign nations and that is expensive and really does not create real safety here at home with our lack of border security !  Having over 10 nuclear powered Air Craft Carrier battle groups is also a waste of money when one nuclear sub with a nuclear Cruise missile could reap havoc with such a  Battle group.

Every military engagement that the US has engaged in after WWII has been based on a flawed foreign policy and faulty thinking [Containing Communism] ! if Communism is a flawed  economic system it would fail on it's own when competing with true free enterprise capitalism. 

In fact entering WWI actually sewed the seed for WWII by the Treaty of Versailles which economically punished Germany economically and created the anger and hostility that fomented WWII.

Our actions in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the many other places we have troops on the ground  only insights  those people to find ways to attack us, as Ron Paul suggest calling that "BLOWBACK" .

Why is it our responsibility to guard the 38th parallel in Korea or defend Taiwan if Red China should try and take the island back under their control ?  

Communism is a failed economic system and it will fail under its own weight, all our military does today is feed the Military Industrial complex as D. D. Eisenhower warned us about.

IF we minded our own business and had the nuclear big stick and the will to use it do you really think we would ever have to use it?  NOT LIKELY .

A change in our foreign policy where we brought all our troops home to U.S. soil and said we would not engage in low intensity conflicts around the world any more but if attacked we would simply send an ICBM to the capital of the nation from where the attack came regardless of whether the attack was civilian or military, and if it were a Muslim religious  group that attacked our target would be Mecca with a 20 megaton nuke.

This may seen like a strange and insane idea but before the USA became a world power we said we would avoid foreign entanglements, What happened?  Idealism ?  Nope the war mongers and bankers who fund all wars on both sides for profit gained to much power.

So do you want to offer up your Sons and Daughters to serve as Cannon Fodder or will you set aside your nationalism and combative nature to give peace a chance instead of funding ever bigger war machines ?  

Are we a Constitutional republic or have we morphed into an Empire seeking to rule the world  

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  • By the way You will either do this willingly or when the economy comes crashing down because of excessive spending in Washington, and there will be fewer option available 

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