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     One of the great times of my life and my living is Election season.  I have great love for politics and economics.  As a conservative, my passions for these blood sports led me to join the ACNation Radio Network and found the Exceptional Conservative Show.  I wanted to bring the "movers and shakers" that I meet daily in Washington, DC live to you.  I wanted to do this without the filter of the Lame Stream Media or Cable Stations that Represent the Inside the Beltway Establishment Opinion.  The Big Picture of politics and economics is often skewed when left in the capable hands of those that hope the GOP get a Grand Wizard like the DNC or that a Republican pundit believes that "our blacks are better than their blacks."  As one whom professes Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, I know the power of eye-witnessing.  In the Court of Public Opinion, it is merely enough to see or hear an allegation as to validate its truth and execute swift justice.  In the Courts of Law, where God has vested the expoloration of justice amongst human beings, it is with meekness that we craft our understandings and humility that we apply our knowledge.  Any wisdom offered apart from Divine Inspiration makes for foolish merriment and destructive behavior among men.  Unless duly changed by a wicked and vain legislature, Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida and Oregon will express their consent of whom would best represent them in the White House effective January 2013.  I wish to encourage those that follow the soap opera known as the GOP Presidential Campaign to not lose focus on the true choices at hand.  At the lowest moments of our Nation's history, we need leaders that will not offer Infrastructure Banks as an example of action but offer the principles essential to rebuilding the main cog of economy--our people.


     Let me make this plain for all of those following along at home. There are only two issues at stake.  The first issues is political and Constitutional in its essential nature.  Issue One (Thank you, Mr. McLaughlin!): Will I rule my life or will the government run it for me?  Issue Two: If we keep spending, things will get and be better (Keynes) or We need to put the brakes on spending, return to 2008 budget assumptions and cut taxes and regulations (Hayek).  Either you support the US Constitution, are a free-market, free enterprise conservative or you are not.  I need to know (Thank you, Marc Anthony!).  For those that get a thrill up their leg because of the rise and fall of candidates, you need to get a clue.  It's the GAME!  You are watching displays of people at the height of their political careers presenting themselves and their beliefs to a people with the power to turn the channel in a moments notice if any bad news is received.  This American Idol presentation of classical liberalism and progressiveness demands a level of critique that seems to fail the group of pundits that are hired to make such observations.  It seems that the GOP Establishment and their Media pundits have bought hook line and sinker the mythical Barack Obama.  They still see the Barack Obama before the Columns in open celebration.  They hear his voice before the crowds of European liberals and socialists.  His ability to profound the Media with eloquent bluster and synchronicity of verve and pageantry has left many suffering from "Shock and Awe" syndrome.  His abilities were so heightened by God that he was deemed the Messiah by some and by others merely the Second Coming.  As he ascended to title and eminence, those that suffered beneath his policies were more quickly willing to subdue their common sense for the hopes that were promised:


Dude, do you seriously think that after only 6 months obama can magically raise the number of jobs? We need time and cooperation two things the GOP doesn't want to give. Instead, they criticize and put fear into idiot's minds.


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