The Best 1st Lady this country has had.

I think Melania Trump will make the best 1st lady this country has ever had. She speaks five languages very well and two others fairly well. The benefits of that is more important then most think. She is extremely intelligent, courageous, nice, caring and kind. We will be very lucky to have her in the white house in my humble opinion. Just being able to speak the different languages could help in foreign relations and eliminate the need for some interpreters. Having immigrated here legally gives her a unique perspective on the honor and privigeles of living in a free nation under the grestest document ever written. She actually had to take the classes, learn english, and pledge allegiance to our flag unlike the Immigrants here today both legally and illegally. It is important for immigrants to do this so they understand their rights afforded to them by our Constitution and the laws they must abide by.
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  • Melania Trump will make us forget the first ladies of the past.

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