The Antifa Mob Gang is AntiAmerica/AnitCapitalism and AntiChristian(America Virtues) that their SLAVEMASTER(NWO Cartel Cabal Elite) by RINO/ Liberals Agents Order Antifa Gangs to cause unrest and riots in the public streets.

Not knowing that, their actions of hate and violence in public view will expose the perpetrators or, worst end their crimes for good by the Patriots. Any, Civil Crimes will be dealt with or, under serious consequence to(STOP THE THREAT) in defendind the people or, ourselves(Patriots) from danger and harm under America Common Law.

Thus, these Mob/Gangs of Obama are Atheist driven under the Elite Master Orders/ NWO of the Beast System. To divide the People and to infiltrate the masses with Socialism and Communism Terrorist Attacks. Against anyone that cannot be usurp into there cause and will not practice Satanism. Thus, Worshiping and Serving Lucifer Evil Acts to Humanity(Sin) against God.

Obama, is a Simple Slave for the Master NWO Elite Orders and Rulers;

Obama, is a Traitor and Back Stabber against America Virtues, Principles and Values;

Obama, is wild psychopathic Atheist Democrat, NWO Cabal Agent; 

Obama, is a Mark of Lucifer/Satan/Demons works to remove and eliminate our Holy God/Lord Jesus Christ / Christians/ Patriots from the Face of The Earth;

It all boils down to Anarchy for America and its People.

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