The American Flag.

Since when did it become offensive to show the American Flag? How do you reside in the United States and claim it's freedom, it's protection, it's benefits, it's liberty and come out your mouth that the flag you call home, is somehow offensive to you? Do you people hear yourselves? The flag represents a place of pride that those before you gave their life to keep you free. Thats offensive? That all her wars and all her voices somehow ring shame? Because even though you make such ugly comments about our flag, it still protects your very right to say so. But don't you tell someone else their pride is offensive to you. Because until Obama can actually destroy our Constitution we will remain a proud people for so much we gave up to be American!! I am proud to be an American!! and I will never feel shame for any of that. And if you have some ill will towards America or if you see anything but liberty in America, then I have one simple question for you. Why are you here? You have every right to leave for any nation you think is better but until then do NOT remain in the United States and tell me you find this Nation offensive. God Bless America and all she stands for!! Love you all!!
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