The 2nd. Amendment is the cornerstone upon which all of our other freedoms and liberties are protected and reinforced. Without it, the rest are just hollow words with no way of enforcing them except trough legal action which is and will always be violated by those that do not prescribe to the law.

There are only 2 methods to get anyone to take action, reason and force and if you cannot force me to act then you must reason me with your argument. The progressive socialists have been manipulating a segment of the population in this Nation for well over 100 years through their arguments that create an emotional response that forces a controlled reaction that obscures intellectual action. They use the heated moment of emotional response to get their myopic misanthropes to jump and then propagate the discord with a continual barrage of Pavlovian response words that they have ingrained into the modern populace through the media and educational systems they control.

They also understand that they have a very narrow window to motivate this group because after about 3 weeks even the average double digit modern American who redefines the term low information citizen, starts to lose the emotional motivation and moves back towards complacency, more concerned with their daily doldrums and escaping their pitiful existence than staying engaged in their masters rage.

So once you remove the rhetoric that is always flamed by emotion, the progressive socialists hatred of the 2nd. Amendment becomes what is in the first paragraph, the teeth that bite back when you infringe on all of the Bill of Rights.

How can you have freedom of speech, religion or gathering or to redress grievances with government if they do not respect those rights as is evidenced by the attacks of the progressive socialists against all of those freedoms for far too many decades? (yes I know I left out freedom of the press they no longer deserve that freedom because they are complicit in their guilt to deny us ours) How can you keep your property rights and to be free from illegal search and seizure if there is no fear of a force reprisal? How can there be enumerated powers liming the power of government both state and federal and placing that power with their bosses WE THE PEOPLE if they do not fear the reciprocity of that decision or action?

The left wants us unarmed because Conservative America does not respond to their dogma, does not accept their agenda for America, does not jump to their emotional argument. Conservative’s function through fact based logic and reasoning based on that. We read, we watch, we learn, we observe, we gather information from multiple sources and then create our own conclusions based on empirical methodology that leads us to a definitive fact based summation. We do not accept the emotional argument without facts, we do not accept because talking heads say so, we do not blindly agree because media personalities decry, we do not aimlessly accept because entertainers tell us to.

We are very much of the Midwest mindset so eloquently associated with the residents of Missouri SHOW ME!

So if the progressive socialist ruling class in the District of Corruption can’t reason with us which they know they cannot because our core DNA is kryptonite to their rhetoric; then they must force us. And they fear the truth of that action will present the one picture that will perfectly and permanently identify who and what they are and what they really are trying to accomplish with their agenda. The total subjugation of the United States and the end of all ENUMERATED POWERS in the Constitution and The Bill of Rights.

Now I know that 90% of those that will read this understand the implications and I am proud to say that more than 100 million Americans are now armed. But remember our freedoms and liberties that have already been lost have been removed more by slow erosion than outright ban. The DC socialist progressives know that the last time this was done the Dems paid dearly and lost the house and senate in 1994 midterm elections forcing Clinton to have to paly nice with others and find other activities to occupy his time in office.

We have to constantly remind all elected officials at all level’s of government that not only do elections have consequences but so does defense of our rights and their fidelity to defending those rights as defined by our Founding documents.

I do not hold much faith in the 2 party political system that we now suffer at the hands of as many of you know. Their track record is undeniable and it is anything but pro-liberty or pro-freedom and I will continue to espouse my mantra that IT IS TIME TO END THE TWO PARTY POLITICAL REIGN OF TERROR IN AMERICA!

Again back to the original idea of this writing is the only way you can force action is by reason or force and for 158 years we have reasoned with the 2 party ruling class elites that we have elected; WELL AMERICA HOW’S THAT WORKING FOR YOU?

One of my life long hero’s said that “ insanity is doing the same thing the same way each and every time and expecting different results” Albert Einstein

And you don’t have to be a Quantum Physicist or Rocket Scientist to figure that one out!

ps. (it doesn’t hurt either)

In Freedom,

Dr. Keith C. Westbrook Ph.D.                                                                                                       

Vice Chmn./Pres. Conservative Party-FL.

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  • remember they must disarm us to enslave us. " The very atmosphere of firearms everywhere and anywhere restrains evil. They deserve a place of honor with all that is good." George Washington      "The strongest reason for  the People to retain the right to keep and bare arms is, as a last resort to protect themselves against Government tyranny." Thomas Jefferson   "All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The communist party must control all the guns, that way no guns can ever control the party." Mao Tze Tung (over 35,000,000 unarmed executed by the chinese communist)

  • Obama's response at Sandy Hook was based on an opportunity not to be missed! Any president with any integrity would have worked to defuse the emotions presented at Sandy Hook ---not Obama he used it to push his own agenda. To get the emotionally up set mothers to push his plan of no guns in America.
    The whole issue of the 2nd amendment shouldn't even be happening, it's a constitutional amendment just like all the rest, end of sentence. Obama could have said " My children are guarded by armed guards and i feel secure about their well being when they are at school." instead he inflamed the crowd by promising to push and challenged our constitutional rights.    
    I have no droughts he has planned his comrades in the community to keep the fire burning. We can easily see our media's part in this, most reports are out there voicing their opinions of gun rights, no reporting going on just support for Obama and his agenda. 
    I am not big on conspiracy theory's but this is looking more and more like a truism. Our country  our media, our schools and government have been infiltrated by the far left.

  • what obama is currently doing has been tried by every two-bit dictator in history...and guess what...they all failed, because freedom and liberty, is more important than anything else to man. those that want a closed society, with a dogma of rules, regulations and mandates, that control their population, have contributed very litlle to the progress of this world, and have not allowed the population that they strangle, to experience the wonders of the world, and its greatness. hitler, pol-pot, mussolini, marx, castro...and all of the rest of them throughout history, have destroyed themselves and the very life and spirit of the people thay rule over. thanks to those founding fathers of the united states of america, who had the brilliance and wisdom to form the most freeist country in the history of man...and until 4 years ago, it was a solid rock of freedom and independence, and 4 years later it has been almost destroyed, by another little ruler, who thinks that he has the right to change what we have fought and died for as a country already.....well no thanks, we have been there and done that, got a tee shirt....obama has failed, and now we must take it back.

  • It seems to me we are ignoring our Recall options in dealing with our corrupt and gutless elected traitors.

  • Great article Dee. F

    First step is organizing in your own community. Get in touch with like minded neighbors and seriously discuss a plan. Get numbers of local militia groups and other community groups as they begin to develop. Buy yourself a good SW radio receiver and a decent CB radio. They can be modified to allow you to communicate with people all overt the world under certain atmospheric conditions. If the internet and phones go down, you can bet the govt will still have communications, that will be a very big advantage. Lee could have taken Washington after the first Battle at Bull Run if he just had better communications. Great ideas on Doomsday Preppers TV show too.

  • Well put Dr. Westbrook.  The current system IS insane.  I'm sick of having to vote for who sucks the least, election after election.  In my opinion, Ronald Reagan was the last good conservative.  All the ones since, have been mediocre at best.  In the end, we all got the short end of the stick.  I mean, look at where we are now!

    My question is how do we force change?

  • I think every state has to have there own militia. Then join with other free states. Recuit US army to join the state militia. We say it is for state desasters. The armed forces have million and half. And 800 thousand in reserves. OK two million. 10% of the adult polulation is 30 million. I think 5 million armed people can force there point if needed.

    If the free states would help there people with tax information to pay as little as we have to the federal government.

    Start coining there own curency that would help.

    All free state companys start hiring all people like a subcompany. No one is a employee any more. Then people will start waking up when it's there dollar that's being taken away. All regulation go down the drain. They will start voting differently.

    Start trageting the communist banks. Every one start taking there money out and put it good local banks that invest in your commuity.

    Free states find way to no inforce regulations.

    We are in a pickel. If every thing colapses they take away our freedom because a plan crises.  If they keep us in fear that some thing may happen then people give up there freedom for security.

    It maybe that we need a crises break down but on our time line. Show the people that it's the communist that did this. Don't let it happen on there time line.

    Start buying only Amercian made stuff only or do with out. That will screw up the communist.


  • We can't have voter IDs.  Worker IDs but gunowners must registar? We can't ask someone to prove they are a citizen.  In the end I think the socialists will take what they can get.  Then tax guns and everything that that's needed to make them work.  Remeber cigaretts.

  •      The REAL issue here is their end game , and their end game requires they get rid of the means of resistance , the most obvious being our firearms .


    It's like a drug...........and THEY are addicts.  And they can Never get enough.

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