Is it not true, that Hitler maintained absolute control and power by utilizing all agencies of the government to curtail the movement; thought and freedom of the German people? Did he not use fear as a significant mechanism to accomplish it. Is it not unlike what is and has happened in the USA. Most of what has happened here duplicates Hitler's Germany. In some States, Nazism tactics were loud and clear: First, fear to alert the people that something drastic was about to happen to them; Second, Agencies were whipped into action to make guidelines for their people to follow, with severe consequences of fines, closure, losing licensure, and a Gestapo police force to ruthlessly enforce if not followed.After a good disciplinary spanking of the American people by DICTATORIAL State Regimes, we have learned their lesson; as if confinement or house arrest was not enough. We have also learned, realistically, that they can, at any time, as they see fit, deny our movement; behavior; thought and freedom. In plain English or German, we are not the ones in control, and furthermore, we work for them; they do not work for us. We have been deceived, or allowed ourselves to be deceived. Over 30 million people are declared non essential; rather dispensable; now dependent on them for survival.

Joseph Phillip De Marco

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  • freedom is a matter of interpretation; they interpret, most people follow; our (Patriots) interpretation is ancient to them. The difference is they are in power, we are not, as proven in the recent past Bonnie.
  • I WILL NEVER BELIEVE I WORK FOR THEM. NEVER. IT is high time that WE THE PEOPLE MAKE IT CLEAR AND STAND UP TO THESE MERE ELECTED OFFICIALS AND THEN UN-ELECT THEM ALL. EVERYONE OF THESE COMMUNIST/MARXIST/SOCIALIST NUTS. OBEY never they did this to us all and we have to resist them now or God forbid what will happen. To watch so many Americans cower in fear is a disgrace. Yes they may threaten our licenses and businesses but our FREEDOM should never be a question.
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