Texas School Children need our Help

Dear Patriots,

We have spent the last four years fighting the progressive ideology that has taken over our country. While at the same time our children in Texas are being indoctrinated with the same ideology with the use of a curriculum called Cscope. Over 80% of Texas schools use it. Does yours? Check here. Cscope is based on progressivism and marxist ideology. The curriculum is pro Islamic (lessons attached) and anti Christian. For the most part there are no text books and children do not bring home homework. Parents are not allowed to see the curriculum (if they did they would not understand what they were looking at due to use of their new "educanese" wording. Teachers had to sign a non disclosure statement that they would not disclose the content or say anything negative about it.

The State Board of Education has no say so over curriculum any longer thanks to senate bill 6 passed in the last legislative session. You can find more information on Cscope @ cscsopereview.com.

Please read about my activism in the Willis ISD school district fighting this. HERE & HERE

For the sake of our children and future generations we have to stop this.


  • Please pass this information to your friends and contacts. 
  • Do you live in a community that uses? Then speak out and inform the community what is happening. 
  • Contact local newspapers and churches. 
  • Speak out at school board meeting.
  • Hit social media with this information .. tweet my tweets for those on twitter. 
  • Send letters to your state reps and chairman on Education.


**If someone has an interest in following this money trail.. I wish you would.. Big Bucks behind this mess. 


"If there must be trouble let it be in my day, so my child may have peace."



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