Texans stolen money

Anyone wondering why Texas has no border fence? We in Texas know why and I will share it with you.

I see Rick Perry running his lying mouth again and it makes me sick to my stomach I remember his last run for governor and Texas were having a fit for having to pay the bill for his extended stay at a hotel while they built him a new governors mansion. Now this was after Texas was allocated 800 million for a new border fence that he refused to build. Now I am wondering if that is how they managed to build a new governors mansion. We are looking at George the second here.  Can that be looked into, seems that the slime ball is sitting himself for a run at the presidency. Maybe that is why Congress is refusing to impeach Obama. Can someone check this out?

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  • So where do you live in Texas, Sue?  Are you saying that you would like to volunteer to have some of the thousands of illegals stay at your house?

    That's where all the illegals should stay --- with the politicians and officials that have supported the illegal invasion of Texas.  How many of the illegals could set up living quarters in the White House?  That would be interesting!

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