Although the coming mid term elections are of utmost importance the only long term solution to stop the corruption in Washington is thru the establishment of term limits. The founding Fathers never intended that these positions be lifetime careers. The Legislatures will never support term limits as it would end their cushy salaries and great retirement benefits. It is my firm conviction that the Tea Party needs a UNITED MISSION AND GOAL and that MISSION should be the bringing about a Constitutional Convention with the single purpose being to amend the constitution to establish term limits. It can be done and the TEA PARTY could be the prime mover. It could also be the key to unity and long term survival of the Tea Party Movemen. What do you think and how can we MAKE IT HAPPEN? Norm Sowards, Patriot
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  • Robert Byrd. Ted Kennedy. Need any other reason for term limits on Senators and Congressmen? As candidate Bob McConnell says, we need to overturn the 16th and 17th Amendments, adopt a 28th Amendment of the Fair Tax and return government and their taxes back into the hands of the people.
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