Term Limits

Sunday January 30th 2011


Todd Platts lies to his constituent


The York Sunday News reported that once again Todd Platts PA-19 proposes legislation for Congressional Term Limits. However like every time before, this bill has no chance of passing. Todd Platts has again shown that he is all show. The York Sunday News quoted Mr. Platts as saying that he will probably run for a seventh term in direct reversal of his Campaign Promise that he would self induce term limits even if he doesn't get the legislation passed.


The electorate in York and Adams Counties have a long history of pitching out of office those politicians like Todd Platts that have reached the 12 year maximum.


Not long ago Mr. Platts voted for "Special Rights" for Gays, in addition to allowing Gays to serve openly in  the military. Both are an affront to the direction his constituents wished. As Joe Biden stated, This is a path to allowing Gay Marriage.


The Platts Hate Crime bill punishes your priest, rabbi, or minister for speaking the truth about homosexuality.


It's time to send Platts home!

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