Most conservative-republicans hate right wingers because right winger advance solutions to problems.

However, ten years ago, a right wing thinker wrote an entire book predicting the refugee invasion of Europe that is going on now. He predicted the EU's weak-willed reaction to it, and he offered viable and workable solutions.

What's My Point?

In order to win, we must train people in how to fight this political war. We especially need highly intelligent, highly competent, and highly ideologically trustworthy people. In other words, right wingers...not losers with a history of five decades of defeat to look back on.

We can create our own vetted experts and political activists,

With such ideologically grounded people, who know how to win, we can gain the initiative, put the enemy on the defensive and roll them up like a tube of tired latex.

BTW, do you really believe that Obama engineered the liquidation of Osama Bin Laden? All you have is obama's own propaganda films and a bunch of military participants that are bound by oaths of silence. Obama plans to use such propaganda to seize a third "electoral coup."

Do you know how many former special forces operatives, of every service, have been murdered by moslems right here in America? Why is no conservative-republican researching this topic?

Conservative republicans only concern themselves with reacting to enemy initiatives. That is the behavior of losers.

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