I am an old guy and I can remember the following things, can you ?  [doubt it]

We could swim in the local lake at a public access point where there were no lifeguards and it was common knowledge that you did so at your own risk.

Today the signs say no swimming Trespasser will be arrested and they enforce the rules!

When I was a Senior in High school [mid 1960's] I carried a Rifle to school on the school bus along with 100 rounds of ammo for it [ an M1 Garand /30/06 ] I was on the rifle team of my school and a lot of schools had rifle teams. 

Today can you imagine the result?  who did this and why did we let them?

I remember my first time tiding on a commercial jet airliner and at the airport there were no x-ray machines or TSA pat downs and I got on the plane with my pocket knife and my rifle was checked through with out any questions at all, I was going hunting out west with my Dad.

Today it is a major undertaking and red tape is everywhere.

in 1968 we were just beginning to really loose our freedom, today in 2012 we are 90% there! 

I wonder if we can roll back the intrusiveness of our government and restore at least some of that freedom or are we done with the grand experiment  began in 1776 ? 

There are just 2 laws I would like to see revoked this presidential term

1, The law forcing employers to withhold your taxes on your income! 

What would that do?  Well if every one had to write a check every quarter like business does I do believe that taxes on income would end!

2, The Patriot act and all its parts!

A free people are free, are you free or are your chains just not binding you personally ?


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  • amen brother

  • Howdy David.

    i have read this from two other sources and i have to say our CONSTITUTION HAS BEEN TRASHED A LONG TIME AGO.

    i feel before all is said and DONE that we the people OURSELVES are going to have to take DIRECT ACTION or were a COOKED AND OVER WELL DONE COUNTRY AND PEOPLE.

    Semper Fi.


  • More immediate action is being undertaken over at Art II SuperPAC, seeking a clarification of the term "natural born Citizen," as it relates to an Art. II, §1, cl. 4 natural born Citizen from the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD).

    Officials at Art II SuperPAC have stated it has come to their attention that CPD may not recognize or apply any specific definition for "natural born Citizen" in the process of qualifying candidates' satisfaction of Presidential eligibility. If this is in error, we would appreciate any information on how you qualify Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates' eligibility as natural born Citizens.

    I am sure they are going to say anybody born in the USofA is an Art. II, §1, cl. 4 natural born Citizen.

    The question is no longer has our American birthright been stolen from us? The question now is: how do we get it back?

    ex animo

    Letter to Commission on Presidential Debates | Article II Super PAC
    Letter to Commission on Presidential Debates
  • Howdy.

    i DON'T agree on any damn FLAT TAX.

    our fore fathers had it RIGHT when in the beginning the government collected IMPORT AND EXPORT taxes and they had PLENTY of money.

    id suggest rather a CONSUMER USERS TAX because EVERYONE has to buy SOMETHING.

    Semper Fi.


  • A flat tax that would have every single person in the U.S. who earns any money require people to pay taxes.  The problem is that too many people don't have to pay taxes.  Every single person should have to pay a flat tax, even the kid around the corner who mows lawns in the summer.  When everyone has to pay taxes we will not have to suffer those who currently don't pay any taxes vote for those who tax the other half.  No one likes to pay taxes.  When the half that now does not pay taxes experience the pain and loss of paying taxes they will stop calling for the lunatic spending that now occurs in government.  Why?  Because they now have a stake in the system.  They now feel the pain of taxes.  I believe that is when the spending will come to a reasonable level in lieu of the crazy level of spending we now experience.

    With regard to improving our society and returning freedoms to the people the answer is a resounding return to Christianity and Christian values and the 10 Commandments.  A free Constitutional Republic can only be truely free when the people have a finely honed conscience which they would receive in a society solidly based on Christian teachings and values as it was many years ago.

  • Liberals and lawyers got us here. Somehow they decided to write laws that are so complicated and have subsections tucked in so no one reads the fine print. Our income tax rules and regulations are like that as well as PPACA. Liberals continue to perpetuate fraud on all Americans by bloating the federal government and confiscating our income to do as they desire instead of what we want. Idiots like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have pushed us over a fiscal cliff and destroyed our future. 

  • I am 69 , I remember a lot more freedoms than that ,  Of course we had very few socialists , communists .  and secularists in our government .  Think about it !

  • The search for explanations of the socialization of Terror within the USA has identified patterns of historical political radicalization within the realm of religion.  This presents a cancerous pattern of social modification where distressed American citizens emit violent combat radicalism through pseudo religious sermons.  Some American radicals have been charged with supporting terrorists groups that have openly declared  jihad against the USA.

    Utilizing religion as a veil of moral culture, the radicals press violence as an ideology for transformation of the American society.  This corrupt deceitful pattern represents a totalitarian political model constructed to transform American culture through core acceptance through religious veil of propaganda declaring freedom for immoral activities.  The resulting radicalism in Islam generates a hate organization promoting a victim mentality rather than a cooperative attitude within the American society.

    read more at:

    OMG America on CreateSpace: https://www.createspace.com/3971877

    OMG America for kindle http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0092B14E4

    Conflicted Normalcy on CreateSpace: https://www.createspace.com/3974702

    Conflicted Normalcy for kindle http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0092B13U4

  • The number of people who know that NDAA was authored by the treasonous anti-American John McCain and signed into law on Dec 31 at 11 PM by Ovomit is pathetically small.  Fewer still realize that it obliterated the 4th Amendment, posse comitatus, and habeus corpus.  Fewer still have ANY idea of what any of those important liberties are.

  • The main job of Government is to keep the people 'Distacted' with T. V. and Gadgets, so they aren't paying  attention. Ask yourself as an example how many people know what NDAA is.??????

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