Horror stories,

And all the worries!


What age?

Often told to cage,

Our child

Way too too wild.


He won’t talk!

People like and can only stop; balk and gawk.

No life,

Will you ever have; but one filled with strife!


Oh! What experts don’t know,

Can and often does hurt. Blatantly blow 

Experts say, “Parents have no insight!”*

“Heck quite could be source influence in biting!”*


It is ‘bout time.

So Sublime.

Mom’s and Dad’s finally get real and;



Big OPPS! Seems were not quite real.

Only a bit surreal.

Time to bid the kids a voice.

Let them have some choice.


How could we forget?

It is for these kids.

We fight so much on ism’s; The kids too need to,



**Wanda Draper Ph.D exempt from expert list along with few others but she tops the list. This is not a marketing tool but a true from the heart opinion. She is well aware how I fell about her knowledge and ability to use the parents input to help better the outcome for the children (maybe improper but I say kids).

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