Ted Cruz I am Dissapointed in you.

I have been a big supporter and believer in Ted Cruz, but his behavior against Trump is unacceptable. He an Trump both signed a loyalty agreement to the Republican party. He lost and is still attempting to derail Trump. This is a direct violation of the agreement. I have never been so disappointed in a person that I'd had so much respect for. I was first disappointed in how he sabotaged Mr. Carson's campaign, but actually believed it was a mistake. Now I see that it wasn't and that is just how Ted Cruz is. What a shame, because if he had played fair he could have very possibly been Trumps VP and practically been handed the Presidency after Trump was done with the almost impossible task of rebuilding our great nation. Trump is only running because he knows, that he is the only person with a chance to beat Crooked Hillary Clinton and her socialist chronies. He is gaining nothing but grief by running for president, not to mention putting his very life in jeopardy. Mr. Trump is a true Patriot for selflessly giving up so much in order to try to save America and the Constitution on which it is founded from the devistation caused by the current tyrannical socialist regime. I have nothing but respect for Mr. Trump now and have lost almost all respect for Ted Cruz for being a sore loser and not honoring his loyalty agreement to the Republican party. Ted Cruz is causing a divide in the party that we cannot afford at this crucial time. Mr. Cruz you should be ashamed of yourself of your actions because all you're doing is hurting yourself and this party with your inappropriate attitude toward our legally chosen candidate. I never understood before why so many Republican Congressmen didn't like you, but now it's clear to me. If you don't get your way you throw a tantrum and that is NOT what we need or want in our President. Mr.Trump may not have the political experience you think he needs, but he has surrounded himself with an All Star administration to aide him in any areas he lacks experience. He has laid out a great plan complete with the best people to the job that is required of him. He knows exactly what is needed to salvage our economy and bring jobs back to America. I ask that Ted Cruz please do what's right for America. Tomorrow during your address at the RNC, support the people's chosen candidate, Mr. Trump our next President of the United States.
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  • Exactly  Debra !

    We will soon face just that !

    And like Putin told us - NEVER  GIVE UP YOUR GUNS NO MATTER   WHAT !

    Putin cares about Americans more then DC ever did !

    He knows how censored we are and puts up YouTubes to let us know what  is really going on because DC's Media lies to make Russia look bad - it's not the truth.

    DC  (Bush) did the same thing with Chavez to make him look bad ! Bush tried 3 times to kill Chavez - finally they gave him fast spreading cancer and that finally did him in. And I suspect Castro was a part of it - since he made "friends" with Chavez so Chavez would trust him.  Chavez died in Cuba under Castro's care. Always beware of your "friends". They could have saved and cured him just as they did Castro who is still kicking after he almost died from cancer. Castro was in much worse shape and they saved him.

    Whatever DC's media says about Putin or Russia - IT'S A LIE !   Don't believe them !!   Terrorist DC wants wars all over = Russia does  NOT want war. You have no idea what DC is doing to push Russia into a war ! DC is pure evil !  DC put US troops (those US soldiers need to refuse to obey Obama and obey their oath instead and stop being terrorists for DC ! Because that is all our boys have been over there through all of this  - terrorists fighting for and protect ISIS !) DC put troops on Russia's border with missiles  trying to force an act of war out of Russia. When the US is doing the act of war ! This is what Hillary did too all the time she was Sec of State !

    Never think our boys are heroes and fighting FOR AMERICA or for anyone's "freedom"- they are making America a target of hate world wide with all these unlawful invasive wars and fighting FOR and WITH the enemy by Obama's orders!!

    They need to obey their oath of service to the Constitution that FORBIDS them from even being over there in other lands !!  US Troops are baby-sitters for opium drugs fields in Afghanistan and that is THE ONLY REASON THEY ARE THERE ! TO PROTECT THE DRUG GROWING !

    DC has NEVER been a friend to the American citizen - DC be the ENEMY !

    Has been since 1861 !

    To bad it took this long for the people to see that !

    Important note - pass it on =

    Never vote by machine !  ALWAYS use absentee ballots  -- but time is short now to get on the mailing list for it.  Call your county election office and get on the ballot mailing list - NOW  ! Pass this into to all, because it is the ONLY way Trump can combat the cheating vote-stealing Hillary  and OWG !





    Hey what happened to the true format here with the 'reply" and "edit" ???

    Hate this new format !  Get back to the original one so we know what 's what  and can fix our post if it's misspelled, etc.

    I don't comment too often since this new format is here.

    This format drives us away !


  • Great post Deana !

    And so glad to know there are others out there that know that closet Muslim Hillary wants Sharia Law in America as well and in fact the MB man called Kahn she had speak at  the DNC, is here just for that purpose --he is a criminal with a criminal law practice and he sells "American resident" cards to other Muslim Brotherhood members in other countries (for half a Mil each)  to bring them here to be here in place for when t he Muslims fully take over (as if they haven't already).

    This is why the Dems (who have all basically been forced to convert to Islam) now push for Islam fully in America. This is why they are fighting against Trump so badly and making big deals out of not hing trying to make him look bad - and make no mistake about it - it is going to get much worse and much deadlier.  So far there have been 4 serious attempt to kill Trump so far.  Not just threats but actual actions to kill him that his own security men caught just in time.

    Don't know if y'all know about the dead FBI assassin found in Trump's NY Trump Tower apt a few days ago  - but some one was really on the ball to be able to kill the killer before he could  kill Trump.  Notice the assassins used are those who are CIA or FBI or Secret Service - no one would think to not trust  the very ones assigned to protect you - but that is usually how it's done. . . Secret Service did the actual deed in the JFK murder, and here Trump was to be killed by an FBI man - you can't trust  anyone !  Then some ask or question why Trump speaks  to or meets with  certain scavy characters - it's just for this reason - so you "know them"  or "get a feel" for what they really are - and Trump has a gift to be ale to tell usually who would do what .

    I'll bet it was taken care of by Trump's own personal security, not the Secret Service assigned to protect him. His own security usually take are of home and the Secret Service usually is on the road security  with him.

    But I'll bet that was devastating to Melania and Barron the 10 year old son of Trump. To have that happen in their home. For some reason it's being kept silent - maybe too embarrassing for the FBI to have a traitor as one of them - now that's a joke since any one of them are easily bought off - the FBI's reputation cannot get any worse ! Lynch and Comey took care of that ! And Lunch also exposed the fake DOJ that really no longer exists ! 

    In fact DC does not really exist anymore as any kind  of "leadership" - it's just  Muslim Brotherhood (M B)  headquarters for their final move to take over America fully and that will be with the OWG.  That is why they want Hillary in there so bad because she's been working for that for the past 10 years  along with Obama. 

    She has been a Communist Chinese spy agent for the last 25 years ! She has been all along guilty of Espionage !  Hillary would do anything for a buck !  ANYTHING ! She has loyalty only to HERSELF !

    Muslims have now 27 Sharia law courts here that WE are subject to if we live in those districts, and they have taken over the schools, many of the laws, businesses, the UN, EU,  Europe, etc.  Muslims have infiltrated EVERYTHING ON EARTH !  Except Japan that has stayed true to  itself and its own culture and own laws and did not let Muslim infiltrate using their usual "PC" language threats as all evils use. They love to use a nation's own laws against them !  Just throw a few touchy words around Like "racism"  "discrimination"  and Americans turn into whimpering  wimps.  They have sold out tier country because  of a few stupid words !  STICKS AND STONES CAN BREAK MY BONES  BUT   W O R D S   CAN NEVER HURT ME !  Remember that saying - get back to it and drop the evil satanic PC speech and language controls ! Who  cares what someone calls you !? That is what Trump has SHOWN US ALL  all this time - he wants to destroy the evil PC language !  !  Wake up !  Words Never bothered me ! I speak my mind whether  anyone likes it or not ! If someone does not like they way you speak or the truth language you use - they can leave ! No one has a gun to their head like they try to do with their PC hatchet on others to CONTROL them !.

    Hey I'm a Confederate - no one shuts us up or threatens us ! WE just turn around and give it right back to them ! The DC US Laws do not effect me; I do not live in the US, I live in the LAWFUL  CSA nation !    WE have freedom here !  Thais what we have always stood for and what  our flags stand for - which is why the US DC tries so hard to destroy and make others hate with their lies.  

    Only the infiltrated Yankees here try to force their crap on us and they have no business being here !. WE considered them illegals. The US border lawfully and Constitutionally ends at the Mason Dixon line. The DC US UNLAWFULLY OCCUPIES the CSA South nation, but one day we will get our nation back into our hands where the Founders intended for it to be !


    What I'm most  shocked at is no one is reporting on the dead FBI assassin  body found in Trump's apt in NYC  !  Not  even Alex Jones has reported on it !  And he Usually reports EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS.


  • Americans are not safe in our own homes. Americans have to make up their minds to stand up and fight if necessary or continue as they are

  • America Wake up. There is coming a great and dangerous, horrible storm if the true American People do not get up and stand with Donald Trump. The fight will be great and dirty against him, because he desires to take America back out of the hands of the evil, corrupt White House Administration. If Hilary Clinton is brought to power and elected, you can rest assured that you will see more and more Islamic Terrorists attacks against the United States of America. She is already bought and paid for with Islamic money. How long are you going to continue to sit and do nothing? Do not allow the media, the President, and the Clintons to bring destruction to the America we all know to be free. It is time to take off the gloves and fight with the knowledge and wisdom that I know you all have. Many races do not do their research into the true motives of the now White House Administration, Hilary Clinton and their foundation. If you do not stand with one who is willing to defend, protect and fight for America, one who truly loves America, then you are asking to be delivered into the hands of evil, Sharia Law which will come if Hilary Clinton is elected. There will be more riots and more disrespect and killing of our police officers and innocent people will lose their lives. Do not allow this to happen. I appeal to you as a born citizen of the United States of America. Too many are glorifying what they see and hear on media and it is time for the people of intelligent, right thinking to wake up. We now have a new dangerous racial-hatred terrorists group that was created right here in America and approved by the President Obama of the White House. Do you really think that we are safe?

  • C Rush, I have to admit I am new to social media and blogs I might have missed the settings. I meant for this to be an open discussion. So if edit and reply are missing it's not by design. It seems people are able to reply. Message me how to add these things and I will be happy to do so As for editing I never delete any posts or things added by others unless it is someone just using foul language constantly and insulting people while leaving no real message. I am yet to delete any post by anyone. If thst is what you are referring to. I apologize it I set this up incorrectly. I just wanted to get it out there. I will gladly accept pointers on how to make my blog posts better.
  • Where are the "edit" and "reply" options???  

    Dumping them for whatever reason certainly made this a less enjoyable blog site to follow!

  • Actually MeMikeT, look at all of the speeches.  Only Ted offered a conservative, pro-Constitution vision of the future.  That's it.  Not Donald's, not Ivanka's, none of them. There was no stomping his feet or anything else.

  • Ted Cruz I believe is a patriot and loves America, but he thought wrong about running for president so soon.  He was trying to move his political career too fast, he got burned.  Self inflicted actually.  It's an obvious problem.  He is still wet behind the ears when it comes to politics.  His Trump convention speech was familiar.  A child stomping his feet when not getting what he wants.  I believed he would make a good president and supported him with word and money.  I guess I'm too easily fooled.  I wonder how much Trump has fooled me.  IMO, we are betting our lives on him i.e., if he loses to Hillary, our lives are over.  

  • Cruz, open mouth, insert foot.  You should be done in the senate re election.

  • Anyone can put out a blog and say what  they want  - does not mean it's truth. That happened a lot in this primary - there were propaganda pieces all over.

    There is no legal documents showing any of it. No one has put out his mother's REAL birth certificate, the one sown was shown NOT to be her's ( it was a fake), and his is from Canada proving my point. His mother gave up her American citizenship long before Ted was born in Canada - I saw those documents. NO REAL BC could be found at all on his mother - several investigators tried to find one and one said it looked like her trail led to Cuba.. But she was a Canadian citizen when he was born, as was his father ! They were both voting Canadian citizens. Documents there prove this.To this day they are not married.

    He plays the role of Christian well as does his father, but they ARE Mormons not Baptists.

    This was exposed when he stole Utah with a fixed non election vote in Utah because Mormons run that state and they wanted their boy to be the "Anointed one" of their Mormon prophecy. Both Glenn Beck and Ted's Father stated this and called him that.Beck was so sure Ted was their "Anointed One" that he spent millions of his own  money to make it so and rushed to Utah to help with the vote swindle..  The state of Utah wold not have gone through all that trouble for someone who was not one of them - a Mormon.  Use common sense.

    AS for the blog report- anyone, even Ted himself, could have written it. Its' words on paper is all, not proof. But Ted and his family have been Mormons longer then he has been  in politics.

    Mormon is not listed under Christian faiths - it's officially listed under cults.

    The Cruz family really has so many buffalo'd. They are good performers.

    They all play their  parts well. Better then most.

    But bottom line is Ted Cruz and his family are OWG Globalists for Satan's OWG.

    They have been in with the Bush crime family for over 50 years ! - Ted's father has.

    Never forget  we are in THE AGE OF DECEPTION now. Don't believe everything out there or what a politician says.

    Obama should have proven that to ALL of us. So does Hillary - she lies with every word out of her mouth.




    Look @t This To...
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