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I have been a dedicated Fox newsperson for over 10 + yrs. i am a divorced 44 yr. old woman who had everything taken from me, by an abusive man and I became a chronic alcoholic around Glen's time. I also was raised in a very conservative Methodist Green Bay suburb and had everything going for me . I got it all back. It was my faith in God and my family and my parents giveng ways (NOT ENABLEMENT) like Obummers bailouts or I'd be dead. Like Glenn I've already lost everything, however now I am a college grad , but cant find a job in good ol WI because of the Unions. So I went back to school only to becom e a registered nurse and then he screws that up. I got as far as my LPN and now Im getting my grad credits in AODA and Mental health and Psychpharmacology. I called one of his new ideas of Pharms on the go and he plans on trying to get walgreens,cvs in the unions orout of business. I was just throwing these qsts. at this dude and I was righton. I went to UWGB for my undergrad and got a major in Human Development and a minor in mathematics. I studied Karl Marx, Lenin, in high school, took Russian History and wrote a paper on how they indoctrinated their children. Both my sisters are teachers and voted for this fool and it kind of has torn us apart. My father was a Principal at Lombardi Junior High and Southwest and he wont miss any of your programming. My uncle was a P.O.W in the Battle of the Bulge and came home on good Fri. My otherUncle Saw Benito Mussolini Hung as he was a para trooper in WW11. My father and grandfather were admirals inthe U.S. Navy. he ,my grandfather loved Ronald Reagon and he himself was the owner of A Case company (Private) and it helped that little junction grow into a town. He was also Head of the Milton Junction's Savings and Loan(President) and I can remember all the parades with my Uncle Jerry who looks just like Abe Lincoln throwing candy to me as a kid for many years. I live in Green Bay and I am disgusted at Kagan,Doyle and Obummers agenda. Wake up America, your freedom is slowly being chiseled, and everytime you try to ask MR. President a question about his healthcare plan ,he is using the Avoidance Technique.. A term Known to people who understand that govt, math and corruption when its talking. Glen there are days when I felt like throwing in the towel, but that is what the Progressives want Help me to help other's make a difference. On agood note Brett Farve is a grandpa and my son's roots are deep into GOD. the rest of the world seem to act like satan's mascots. Keep Up the good work
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