Chris - Thanks so much for developing this outline of Obama's mission, because he just showed us what the Tea Party Movement objectives are.1. Patriots take over Congress2. Patriots buy up the U.S. Economy as possible3. Patriots regain citizen rights per the Constitution.4. Patriots put God into all our institutions.5. Patriots restore Free Market policies to restore the Economy6. Patriots to remain peaceful and celebrate that we are united in our efforts. (Texas Withdrawal if Constitution is not restored).7. Patriots recall all members of Congress home until we decide on next course of action.8. Patriots declare our Rights are Divine and absolute under Constitutional Law.9. Patriots restore the Honor and Glory of Lady Liberty and proclaiming once again Freedom reigns in the US.10. Patriots disavowed any desire for a New World Order or Imperialism. God is our Lord no international organization or king.
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  • Jim - I still haven't unpacked yet, but I did pick up the pictures and will look through them when I have time.
  • Hey Dale Your Tea Party Mission is Truly a Masterpiece. If Chris did this God bless him. Thanks for your help and support,Patience, at Wednesday's meeting. Have you seen any pictures of my truck anywhere? Take Care Jim
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