Tea Party Patriots, Let’s pray for America. 6-14-14

Dear Lord Jesus, we thank you for all your blessings; you give us America the land of the free and we trust on you my Lord, our nation is on God’s side. Our congregation prays for our salvation, we prayed to accept you as our Lord and Savior, Lord we are sinners in need of forgiveness, let the Holy Spirit work on us, we ask to be redeemed and be forgiven for all our sins.

Lord we know that you are our salvation, we prayed and you answered. Lord now we understand that you made us a family, our brother’s keeper, America is on your side, not on the side of what we can get from taxing or controlling others. Lord we will be activists, we want moral leaders to stand for America and our Christian principles and God’s law “One Nation Under God”. Our beliefs and faith grow to millions, one-by-one because the work is done as individuals showing and telling one another the way to the right kind of change. Change one soul! Help change the core-belief or way of life of one person! Let the Truth change you, yourself, first and others by accepting and working God's plan while there is time. We can change the world Here's how if you want to pursue being on God's side for change. Be an activist for Christ our Lord, America is a nation under God and we obey God’s law, not man’s law.


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