Tea Party Non Negotiable Beliefs

Illegal Aliens Are Here Illegally.


Pro-Domestic Employment Is Indispensable.


Stronger Military Is Essential.

Agreed, to protect our borders, but more importantly, to protect everyone else's borders and solve everyone else's problems.

Special Interests Eliminated.

Agreed - as long as it's just the liberal special interests that get eliminated. Not the conservatives special interests.

Gun Ownership Is Sacred.

Agreed. And if guns were around when Jesus was alive he would have owned one. They are sacred and essential to our safety.

Government Must Be Downsized.

Agreed. Eliminate all big social programs like Social Security and Medicare in particular. They are bankrupting this glorious nation. People need to get off their butts and quit looking for Government handouts. My elderly parents will just have to go back to work or something - they need to figure out another way to pay for their increasing health care costs and stop expecting the Government to step in.

National Budget Must Be Balanced.

Agreed. More military spending, and less education spending to start. Even though it's 10 times what Russia spends on their military, It's not nearly enough. That will help balance the budget.

Deficit Spending Will End.

Agreed. And we all will stop borrowing from ourselves period. No more borrowing to buy a house or car. If you can't afford to pay cash for it, you can't buy it.

Bail-out And Stimulus Plans Are Illegal.

Agreed. I know the past Republican President was the first one to come up with this "bailout" concept by taking $700 billion and bailing out Wall Street thus allowing it to pay itself it's deserved bonuses as planned, but Obama has just continued with the lawbreaking and should therefore get all the blame.

Reduce Personal Income Taxes A Must.

Agreed. When I hear anything about a tax increase, I just want to scream. That could mean me having to pay another $10 a year or something and I am not having it. I already pay way too much. So I don't care what the tax is for, if I hear the word tax I will vote against it. Taxes are un American.

Reduce Business Income Taxes Is Mandatory.

Agreed. Less tax on businesses means more profit for businesses. And more profit for businesses means more bonuses for execs and a higher stock price for it's investors. And what could be better for me the line worker than that? If a business has to pay another $100 per worker per year they will fire me.

Political Offices Available To Average Citizens.

Agreed. No more political offices going to members of political families with connections.

Intrusive Government Stopped.

Agree. I am sick of the Gov't regulating everything. Like Wall Street. Or the Food Industry. Or the Airline industry. They need to just leave those industries alone - they don't need the government coming in and telling them how to operate to protect our money, food, and safety. It's been proven throughout history that Industry can regulate itself.

English As Core Language Is Required.

Agreed. You are in America, we speak English here. Don't put up signs for your store in anything other than English. If you have people working for your serving the public, they better be able to speak english.

Traditional Family Values Are Encouraged.

Agred. Especially MY family traditional values because they are what everyone should live by.
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  • Yeah, there IS a lot of common ground on both sides believe it or not. It's the extremes that screw up the message of the larger middle. And the larger middle actually DOES agree on many things. But you'll never hear the extremes admit that. That would be an "admission of defeat" wouldn't it?
  • I LOVE God, but it can be called Civil Rights in any policy. We can all live on a common base line and not scare off the other side. The Demo's and Obama use God as a racist slur about us. different words but same meaning (read between there lines). this is why we should have all races with us. the people we have common views with hear: "run lock your doors! the bad guys are talking again"
  • RE: FAMILY VALUES; I'm a straight white male. I believe that some people are born gay. We can not deny them their Civil Rights..but... they are not the same, they need different laws that address their needs. Only by definition Marriage is M/F ..They need their own word to redefine what ever laws they need or want to be covered by. I dont want to ignore any sector and let people say" we are ignorant". We will find that all walks of life believe in OUR ideas, but they feel unexcepted in this movement due to the media. Every HARD working American who wants the Gov't out of our day to day lives and from forcing us, thru the IRS, to be part of this forced death march, will cross race, gender, preferances and North & South ( those losy Southers..hahah)
  • The OVER Governing of the masses is due to what they are teaching in the Colleges. They Keep rewriting and adding paper work, writing more laws, procedures and fees for people who actual produce a product. This, so they have a job and a new fee coming in. What needs to be taught is how to keep and bring back business to America. Be proud of employing and managing Americans. In the 80's I was being taught the basics for robotics in the work force. Instead of having an intelligent work force here and increasing manufactoring, they shipped the jobs to countries were the people worked cheap with their hands. NOW, these countries have re- invested in themselves and have the robotics in their manufactoring including Computers, TVs and other electonic assembly. All this on a massive scale . Some of it , is for very simple products , but the point is, the Factories are amazing around the world. We dont know this because this generation only sees the final products. We can get these high end jobs back if we had the Politicians,College Grads and Investors (other than junk bonds and pyrimids) to dig in and get it done. THIS manufactoring is in clean, well lite places and is like having an office job.
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