tea party mess

to many dot coms or dot orgs, i was once a member of a tea party yet cant find it on the net and now have this tea party site for some reason,, it may be wise to be able to have one a person can belong too, if the press would write my story you would know me and my plight, but nobody does, i am going homeless because i have a broken back with 6 bolts, a cage and 2 bone inserts, i had a state job but was fired from it during an approved medical leave, they said resign for health reasons then if  i dont they would discharge me, the union i belonged to was seiu which hasnt done anything for me and i have no lawyers who give a dam to help me,, so,, this case is now beind decided,, i was fired since i didnt resign for missing days,, yet i had no idea i was to return to work because my medical leave wasnt expired,, i get fired. lost , my benefits, cant draw unemployment, cant be hired because i am on fentenyal patch and nobody will hire me due to if i fall and get hurt,, i have sold my possessions and have lived 18 months without a paycheck, i have a case that is 8 years old with social security, a lawyer quit me, i took it to the US district court who decided my case be reconsidered in 2008, that only cost me 4 more years of bs and still no approval,, my case is now again at the US dist court to be decided on,, i am now without income, sold my sons truck he was to have, have sold whatever and have used a pension i had to live off of,, then i filed a new claim at ss and they denied me again saying i can do the job of light,, i re filed and wait,, meantime i now have a dr who is quiting me since i have no insurance, i was paying cash for the office visits yet still i am fired,, i get my pain patchs thru a company since i have no money,, let me repeat,, i have no job, cant be hired,, i have no dr now and nobody gives a shit to help me get my medicine i been on for years and i am near going homeless because i have to sale all my things,, i have like i said pain when i stand or sit and am in pain from this back surgery that failed,, yet,, i am losing everything and my children are denied any help because i am supposedly not disabled,, the tv places dare not post my picture of the xrays and the papers care not to give a dam to report this,, which kobe bryant would give a dam and come visit and put this into the news because all americians need to see where the FICA taxes are going to,, they are used to fight the people who are disabled and need the benefits,, they are used to pay these judges and employees the money and such to keep deny us untill we commit suicide and then maybe or kids get the benefits of having a medical plan,,lets send some more aide to egypt,,,or bail out companies,, when we dont give a dam about the worker,, hell i can be fired for my disability yet they wont approve me,, what a night mare

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