“I am going directly to the top! I will bypass Congress and the Whitehouse and take my grievance directly to the apex of authority, God.” Dale Robertson Robertson, President and Founder of the Tea Party is organizing a historic Washington, D.C. event making a statement about the Godly condition of our nation and the recent troublesome statements by President Obama. Robertson is calling for a Prayer vigil on Tuesday the 15th of December from 10:00 A.M. TO 5:00 P.M., come rain or shine. Many groups have expressed an interest in joining Robertson in this public event. Phone calls and e-mails are flooding TeaParty org asking for locations, times and schedules, updates are posted daily on the TeaParty org website. “We just don’t have the staff to handle the flurry of inquiries concerning the Tea Party Prayer Vigil, but somehow we are going to get this done! It is that important to our beloved nation.” Stephen Eichler, Executive Director of the Tea Party. The Tea Party has applied for a permit and is following the protocols necessary for a lawful and peaceful assembly of the Interfaith Tea Party Prayer Vigil. All the members of the House of Representatives and Senate have been extended a special invitation to attend. All faiths are invited to participate. The program is well thought out and the event is expected to bring national awareness to a serious dilemma facing America today. Robertson in a recent interview was asked why a prayer vigil? He responded; “I was insulted when President Obama stated, “….we are not a Christian nation”, but failed to state what exactly we are, as if We The People have no faith. I could not believe my ears. America is built on the solid rock of Judeo-Christian values and from those principles all religious freedom springs! Judeo-Christian bedrock beliefs were the foundational cornerstone in the formation of our nation and have propelled the United States into greatness. Anything less is disingenuous to our heritage.” Dale Robertson The seven hour event is open to all religions, the theme being; “Remembering Our Godly American Heritage Through Prayer.” Dale Robertson is a family man living in Texas with his wife and five children. He is a retired military officer. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Washington in Political Science, as well as an Associates Degree in Engineering from Southwest College. Dale Robertson is volunteering full-time for the Tea Party. www.TeaParty.org Dale Robertson and the TeaParty.org is represented by Tim Bueler of U.S. Media Direct, Inc. Tim Bueler can be reached for media bookings and appearances by e-mail at: Media@timbueler.com
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  • Pray for the conversion of America back to its Judaic-Christian heritage and for unity among Americans. We all need to drop to our knees to give humble homage, adoration, praise and thanksgiving to our Creator for He is good and loves us very much. 
  • God has given every man A Measure of Faith.

    Even to those who swear they do not believe

    must earnestly have and show their faith in their


    Any and all of that crowd of dis-witlesses are

    absolute LIARS if they condone anything else

    but a Possitive answer to this article of Truth.

    If one so believes, they have Faith.

    If they deny having any Faith at all, they are

    LIARS! For that, even what they profess,

    profession is of its own FAITH.

    And Faith, is Belief.

    I hope this has been made perfectly clear to and for whom

    it is intended.

    Those claiming NO FAITH, NO GOD, ETCETERA,,,,

    Those teetering on the brink of Well, do I believe or don't I?

    Those accepting the lies of the Evil One and his proponents

    / advocates.

    Those believing their own brands of lies, whether they can

    remember the last one they told, or the first one that got

    them started in the LYING business in the first place.


    God Bless you LIARS! I'm Praying FOR your Souls.

    Believe it or not.  RIPLEY  THIS!!!!!!!!


    Always in Christ,

    Max Simon Uhrig

    San Tan Valley,  AZ


  • Dale Robinson is going to Washington to take his grievance to the top--to God. That is the way to get results, I can tell you. It worked for me. 


    I took my tax grievance to the U. S. Supreme Court. I wasn't heard.  The IRS is above the law of the land, but not above God's law.  The IRS ate crow on the front page of The Palm Beach Post.


    We, individually, whether we are Christians or not, have inablienable rights, but only if we believe in God's natural law, the background of the U. S. Constitution,  and are willing to act.

  • Joseph, I like what you have to say. I agree. A Citizen of the U.S. & T. Party does not have to be a Christian or even religious, However the concepts of the Jewish/Christian faith works well with civilized people who embrace freedom. It's just a better fit.
  • I'm not a Christian. Thomas Jefferson was not a Christian. But that doesn't mean either I or Jefferson are agaisnt Christian values. My mother was Jewish. But she held Christian values. Obama calls himself a Christian. He thinks of Jesus as a socialist revolutionary. I don't see a word to support that view in the Gospels.

    From what I read in the Gospels, if we all believed in Jesus as our redeemer, this would be a better world.
  • Pray People Pray work hard to defend our Nation. Continuous Prayer works my husband came back being DOA from a car accident. God protected him and saved his life now lets save America's life and Perserve our Constitution & Freedom. VOTE TEA PARTY ALL THE WAY Kick out crooked crooney democrats & crooked reublicans.
    We can rip up our SUICIDE PACT LETTERS and GET TO WORK NOW!!! AMERICA IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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