8096338488?profile=RESIZE_400xTrump supporters are not only outsmarting poll hucksters, but will make fools of them by proving how wrong they were when the vote count is finally announced Tea Party 'Deplorables' Turning Tables on Poll-Lying Dems.

Tea Party 'Deplorables' Turning Tables on Poll-Lying DemsHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi yesterday called on President Donald Trump to “stand up like a man” and accept the upcoming election results.

“Stand up like a man”. Strange words from a woman whose party prefers gender pronouns like “he” and “she” for gender identifying the Creator’s ‘man’ and ‘woman’. Truth is that If Pelosi and her ilk had their way there would be no such thing as ‘man’.

Nor will it be We the People who won’t accept upcoming election results, but the Democrat Party when President Donald Trump is reelected—even though they plan on trying to force the president to “CONCEDE” to losers Biden and Harris.

With the Democrats and compliant media changing the goal posts in Election 2020, it’s laughable the deplorables have managed to outwit them on their own skewed polls.

Even with hundreds of thousands of throngs flocking to the president’s ongoing rallies, most media polls show the president trailing scandal-plagued Joe Biden—with only a 5% chance of winning.

Without the Democrat and media gang-up even being aware of it, Tea Party 'Deplorables' have managed to turn the tables on them:

“In order to keep my home from being vandalized before or after the election, for the past several months when I’m asked by a stranger in a poll or in person, who I’m voting for, I say, “Joe Biden”. I believe many people are doing the same thing, hence Biden’s lead in some polls”, a pundit tells Canada Free Press (CFP).

Do Know-it-all news outlets stupidly believe that ALL people polled who told them they were voting Joe Biden are ALL really voting for Biden?

Yes, they do!

Democrat fear mongering and open threats of revenge. But the truth is that in an atmosphere of Democrat fear mongering and open threats of revenge, millions who will vote in-person for President Donald Trump, have been hiding their intentions from pollsters for months on end.

Not everyone already voted for, or intends to vote for Democrat Joe Biden even though that’s what television networks, including Fox News, have been driving home during this entire Election Year.

The not-so-long-ago conservative-leaning Drudge Report jumped into the not-so-long-ago-conservative-leaning Fox News and their dire Trump poll predictions with Tuesday’s front page screaming headline: ‘Could ALL polls be wrong? ‘Only ‘5% chance of victory’. (Drudge, Oct. 27, 2020)

Could ALL polls be wrong? ‘Only ‘5% chance of victory

Better to be safe than sorry when being ‘poxed’, ‘poxed’ being the term for the potential of being doxxed by pollsters
But citizens telling pollsters they’re voting Biden-Harris is the best way to assure personal safety.

The stranger telephoning to ask who you’re voting for already has your telephone number and address. Better to be safe than sorry when being ‘poxed’, ‘poxed’ being the term for the potential of being doxxed by pollsters.

By hammering the message that the president is trailing in the polls, some pollsters hope that people will see their vote is a lost cause in a sort of ‘no hope, no vote kind of way.

The fear has spread to every corner of the 2020 Election Campaign:

“More than 60% of Trump supporters questioned in a University of New Hampshire Survey Center poll say they won’t put a Trump yard sign outside their home or a bumper sticker on their car because of fears of vandalism. That number drops by approximately half for Biden supporters wary of placing yard signs on their lawns or bumper stickers on their vehicles. (Fox News, Oct. 20, 2020)

“The poll also indicated that more than 40% of Trump supporters in New Hampshire don’t talk to their family, friends or coworkers about their backing of the president. That number again drops by roughly half for Biden supporters asked the same question on sharing with family, friends, and co-workers their support of the former vice president in the White House race.”

“The survey also shows that 56% of Biden supporters said that most of the people they know also back the former vice president.”

The hundreds of thousands chanting “We love Trump” are a slap in the face to Democrats who spent the last four years trying to convince the world that everybody—not just them—hate Donald Trump, with evening newscasts negative about Trump 92 percent of the time. (Fox News, Oct. 27, 2020)

The Democrats envision their stealing the 2020 election as safely in the bag: “On January 20, 2021, Joe Biden will be inaugurated President of the United States,” Pelosi declared. “The states will count the votes that they have in a timely fashion. And again, if the president wins in that format, then so be it, then he’s president. (Breitbart, Oct. 28, 2020)

“We don’t anticipate that that will be the case, and neither does he. And that’s why he’s trying to, as I say, stir the pot so that people will think that he really won when he didn’t. Say it often enough, Pelosi, and you just might believe it.

Meanwhile, Democrat House Speaker Pelosi, who has the media in her pocket, has the soap box. But is the voters who will ultimately have the final say.

Trump supporters are not only outsmarting poll hucksters, but will make fools of them by proving how wrong they were when the vote count is finally announced—whenever Democrats decide to let it out.

Only this time, we won’t get to see an Election Night sob fest like the one seen in 2016.

That’s because the media who advanced skewed polls will be at home hiding under cover of being in Covid-19 quarantine. 

Once again the Tea Party 'Deplorables' will turn the tide and bring in the win for America. BTW - We don'y have to march down Pennsylvania Ave. to take action. All we have to do is just be a little smart than the average Dem Donkey. 

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