Tea Party Denounces Wall Street Protesters

Tea Party Denounces Wall Street Protesters
It appears to the Tea Party that a sinister agenda is afoot through the illegal actions of the OWS
(Bill Penny - Tea Party) - Who are those people converging on Wall Street? The ‘Occupy Wall Street’ (OWS) protesters mannerism and goals are far different than those of the Tea Party. The Tea Party believes in the rule of law, respect and honor of civil servants (police, fire, government officials) and the military. Those protesters are clearly willing to violate the rule of law, trying to create a sense of public unrest and thereby throwing a ‘monkey wrench’ into the stabilization of our economy.

Remember Andy Sterns comment? “We will use the power of persuasion or the persuasion of power.” It is clear these tactics are identical to values espoused by the Unions and Socialists.

The Union ‘Puppet-Masters’ are now stepping forward as a clear signal to expand hostile activities in major city centers, with the intended purpose to disrupt commerce. Soon to follow will be a coordinated effort to deploy flash mobs in a contrived crisis, thereby destroying the property and hopes of business owners. Because of the coming public disobedience inspired by the Union Socialist agenda, the Tea Party must identify these culprits and request our leaders not to cuddle the OWS radicals.

As a matter of fact, the Tea Party denounces those lame illegal OWS protesters and their dubious socialist underpinnings.

Over 2000 Tea Party events have been successfully accomplished and with no arrests, however, as of October 7th, 2011 the OWS has had over 700 arrests. Clearly the OWS is hostile, bought and paid for by cronyism, and diametrically opposite of Tea Party ideals.

Conveniently, Obama’s lackluster job killing bill is primed to be rammed down the throats of the American taxpayers. It is painfully obvious the OWS riots are contrived and a coordinated distraction to negate scrutiny of Obama’s job proposal. Because of the illegal actions of the OWS, the Obama Administration’s endorsement of their actions is sending a dangerous message to the world and the American people as well. Obama’s irresponsible message is echoing in the ears of insurrectionists! He and the OWS are saying: “The only way to change America is through violence and NOT the democratic process.”

Many in the Tea Party are speculating the OWS riots and the failed Obama legacy, is an attempt to shore up union (government) workers with billions of taxpayer dollars. It is ironic the current beneficiaries of the Stimulus Packages, and Obama’s lackluster job killing bill, are locking arms with the OWS anarchist/socialist protesters, including Trumpka, for the express purpose of projecting a false image of that portrays the rich as bad, evil and something no one wants to be.

In additional to that, the churning of the Socialist left raises an additional question of the waiver of immunity and State Sovereignty by the intervention of Federal financial mandates through the wrongful application of government assistance. It appears to the Tea Party that a more sinister agenda is afoot through the illegal actions of the OWS.

Is the secret agenda of Obama job’s bill an expansion of Civil Rights rather than creation of jobs for the millions of the unemployed? The ‘so called jobs proposal’ establishes a new protected class of Rights tantamount to the ‘inalienable rights of the unemployable’.

To add injury to insult, Hilda Solis (Department of Labor) and Janet Napolitano (Homeland Security) have both advocated policies which allow illegal aliens greater protection (rights) and possibly Amnesty. With such vagueness the ‘inalienable rights of the unemployable’ would be extended to illegal aliens, thus allowing this new class to sue States and employers. Clearly, Obama’s jobs killing bill will force employers to severely limit hiring anyone, because of the suspicion of fear of a Law Suit. Jobs cannot be created without a demand for products or services and the Tea Party knows this and is working on a solution to end cronyism, the debt and create jobs.

What are the core values of OWS? It appears the OWS extremist values are; profits are always bad, the Rich are always evil, and the poor huddling masses are always good and beautiful people for merely being poor and huddling masses! These core beliefs are foundational cornerstones of socialism, pure and simple.

The Tea Party is proud of its core values, core principles rooted in historical fact which has made America great:

1. Non-partisan

2. Constitutional (fiscally Conservative) Government

3. Free Enterprise

George Washington warned of the danger partisanship as the undoing of our nation. This is why Cronyism is not Capitalism. Cronyism is an attempt to usurp our representative government and undermines the principle of free enterprise/competition. The principle of a Constitutional (fiscally conservative) Government prevents tyranny by big government and limits its encroachment and the erosion of our freedoms guaranteed in the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights and our other great documents.

Lastly, the principle of Free Enterprise was laid by the pilgrims, the first settlers, who knew the notion of collectivism is a failed concept. William Bradford realizing the fallacy of socialism took action to develop an economy based on opportunity. This opportunity allowed America’s first settlers to realize new found freedoms of private property and ownership. The U.S. Constitution and the free enterprise based economy has been the driving force in American exceptionalism. Contrary to the radicals on Wall Street, the Tea Party continues to provide solutions, such as the True Tax, and other solutions that adhere to sound principles established by Our Founders with the intent and purpose to strengthen and restore America.

In Contrast, the radicals advocated principles are eerily similar to Karl Marx and the Socialist Party. Karl Marx, unlike America’s Founding Fathers, despised the concept of capitalism, private property, and hated the idea of a middle (business) class. The Radicals on Wall Street echo the same old story of Marx with a new vernacular. The proletariat, in their view, is now the working/middle class.

Remember, Marx wanted to eliminate the middle (business) class, thereby setting the stage for the outrageous claims of the OWS, as they bellow forth that no one is entitled to private property and therefore wealth must be seized and redistributed to the mindless masses, presuming to know better what the greater good is. The OWS demands an opportunity based economy be fundamentally transformed to become a State Controlled economy, therefore, the State dictates values, jobs, production and every aspect of the lives of the American people.

The OWS rioters say they hate crony capitalism, but ignore the fact their own funding is cronyism. The Tea Party is now bringing awareness to the OWS source of cronyism which lay in the heart of Washington, not Wall Street.

The values and agenda of OWS radicals are foreign to this nation. The implication of the OWS failed ideology of a Socialist agenda, if allowed to grow, will dismantle America and install ‘Rich-Hate’, the violation of the rule of law, immorality, and class warfare.

The OWS mentality should be rejected by every American Patriot.

OWS radicals may have changed their name, but their agenda remains the same - SOCIALISM.
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  • This is according to the Master Plan. We're talking about it & begining to learn about it just now. Glenn Beck was talking about this 2 years ago. Comrad Barack is a disciple of Saul Alinski & taught his doctrine at Chicago University. Destroy Capitalism...re-distribution of wealth...tax the rich...abolish debt, etc. Also right out of Cloward & Piven of 1960's to destroy the government structure by creating a universal state of chaos...Riots, failure of money system, failure of housing,  take over of the school agenda, indoctrination of the kids... I wonder if there is enough chaos, an arguement for martial law might be presented. The Gov. of SC, Ms. Perdue spoke to a Rotary Assn. that because of so much work that Congress has to do in fixing the economy, might it not be a prudent idea to "temporarily" suspend the election, so Congress won't be distracted and able to devote 100% to a fix.

    I think somebody pulled this in the 1930's. Hitler convinced Hindenberg to cede, "temporarily", absolute power in Germany so he could fix the economy & restore order. We know how that worked out.

    Republicans & Democrats both absolutely HATE the Tea Party....mostly because it's spontaneous, truly grass roots, presents a reasonable & prudent agenda, but mostly, because they can't control the Tea Party...because there is no cenrtal organization. Therefore the Tea Party scares the hell out of them. They will go to no end to discredit & destroy the Tea Party movement. 

  • This is just another move from Obama's playbook. I'm sure with a little investigation it will be found out which one of Obama's henchmen are behind it. This is no grassroots movement.

    Charlie Houdelette, Tampa

  • This is what happens when a candidate is not vetted by the media and uninformed people vote for a smooth "sound bite" talking head.  They say, in a democracy people get the government that they deserve.
  • Well said. 

    The ongoing challenge remains: educating notoriously "disengaged" public.  Over the years I have noticed that statistically broad majority of "average" Americans is  expecting "somebody" to represent their interests, while clearly not willing to get involved ("not my thing").  This is exactly how drive-by, incompetent career politicians have been hapenning ...!

    We must relentlessly take every opportunity to educate "we, the people".


    Keep in mind what our last great President said:

    Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it on to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.


    If not now - when?  If not TEA - who?

  • Get this message out to your Representatives, Leaders and Friends.  It is unlikely they looked into Obama's Job Killing Bill.  The Civil Right Act has consistently expanded the government and way beyond its original intent.  The Civil Right Act is mentioned 20 times in this short bill with all the remedies (law suits) at their disposal.  Imagine the DOL, EEOC, ACLU, etc. attacking States and business using our tax dollars to boot.  It is time we stop giving our taxes to radicals, illegals, and enemies that want to destroy our nation.  Enemies foreign and domestic.  Sounds like our leaders are upholding their Oath to the Defend the Constitution.
  • Great responses. What a great post. The thing that still mystifies me is the total ignorance of these protestors. Do they not know what socialism entails. The elite and the serfdom. Guess which side of the fence they will end up on. Just look at active socialism today, speaking for myself I don't want to be a part of a society where my every thought and action is dictated- DO YOU! In the battle of good and evil that is going on NOW. don't blindly follow these people and their destructive lies and false promises. WAKE UP AMERICA to what is happening now before our very eyes.
  • This is just another wave of rebellion fostered by the Social and legal justice core of Socialist and Communists... If you don't like it trash it and the Rule of Law as Inhumane....we still see this in South American under Chavez, Cuba, Sandinistas....some old social shit were government decides every facet of you life..craddle to grave..
  • All problems that currently exist in the world are due to our inability or refusal to recognize Good and Evil. Those who are demonstrating are being guided by Evil agents, who do not care as to what happens so long as they can attain power. The slaves and peons who are demonstrating will be the first to realize it, if their masters ever get the power they seek. The Tea Party is being attacked so violently because of the abject fear they have. The Socialists, Marxists, Communists, Muslim terrorists, etc, etc are all suffering from a sense of intense insecurity. Their Education, Knowledge and Discipline do not permit anything but to spit out hatred and venom. That is all they know. The righteousness,  sensibility , discipline and openness displayed by the Tea Party causes immense anguish to those who know only darkness and are terrified by light. Here in the US, the leftists are guided by the teachings of Cloward, Piven and Alinsky who advocate the destruction of the existing system by organizing riots and violence. Alinsky even encouraged his followers to recognize Lucifer for being the first radical "who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom". Whether the lefitists accept it or not, they are ably assisted indirectly/directly by the devil.  Although God is not popular among many, He is the only answer to defeat the viles of Satan. We have been grossly careless in not seeking His help. The fact that Christ the Son of God lived on earth like any of us excepting sin, has been completely ignored by us. It may look one sided, but we can talk to Christ and have recourse to His Humanity. If,  as individuals we approach Him in all honesty and sincerity and persevere in it, He will not reject us. God creates a human being and resides within him. He also endows the individual with a Free Will. The individual can suppress God within him and continue doing what he wishes, as almost all of us currently do. We then have to depend on our own resources which are confined to the wisdom of the world. In the present times, the devil seems to influence a lot of this wisdom, as is seen in the demonstrations and the continuous calls for destruction and mayhem, and even by the sympathy extended  by some of the leaders in the Government.  If the individual decides to let God emerge and be dominant in his/her life, it will be a pain in the neck, because life will have to moulded in accordance with the commandments of God. Here, we can appeal to Christ even for the least significant thing that we need, and, if we can subject ourselves to His will, we will be rewarded. Until and unless we make a sincere effort we will not know the difference. The anxiety, agitation, frustrations and disappointments that accompany us all along will be easier to handle. The whole complexion of things will change dramatically. The good thing is, that, you dont have to depend on any human assistance. You just spend a few minutes with Christ. This may sound like the utterence of an unstable nut, but, what I say is true. It is unfortunate that we don't encounter true friends of God as we would like to. There is a very good reason for it, we have ignored God, and God has said "your will be done".  Quite contrary to the normal concepts, it is the individual reformation and acceptance of God that will make this world a better place to live in.  May God bless you all

    Ridgeway Weerackoon 01/08/2011

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  • We think it’s bad now, how much more horrific is the future going to be for our children under this empire that is forming? Once Otraitor is removed we cannot accept another puppet for the elites to continue controlling/devaluing everything. If we manage to elect in a President for the people he or she will be powerless if the Senate & House are not also taken. Self govt is a distant memory & totalitarianism is on our doorstep. Liberty was not meant so the elites could use this debt money system for the last 100yrs to eventually take over OUR govt & rob us all of everything, that’s why our Founders gave us this Constitutional Republic instead of a Democracy. Get out your “don’t tread on me” flags because 2012 is our last chance to negotiate with our govt & I expect the elites will not allow this govt to return to a govt for the people by the people to give us back our god given rights without one hell of a fight. President after President is discussed in this link as just shields for the elites & their historical role as smokescreens. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiFWRpoxl-s&feature=share 

    We have one more chance in 2012, Europe doesn't.  China now resembles the foundation of America's economy more than America! The only question left to ask is will we be able to clean DC enough in 2012 to fix govt to stop the drift toward totalitarian socialism? Here are my thoughts on where we stand:


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