By John W. Lillpop

According to breaking news headlines cluttering my TV screen, President Obama and Minority Senate Leader Mitch McConnell are “VERY CLOSE” to agreement on a deal (scam) that will end the debt-ceiling crisis, avoid default, and transport 307 million Americans to the promised land where we will all live happy forever more.

All in one fell swoop!

The good news is that Harry Reid has been “politically castrated” on national TV by Drs. Obama and McConnell without wasting taxpayer money and time on unnecessary anesthetics!

Thank God, we do NOT feel your pain, Senator Reid!

The bad news is that Tea Party Republicans in the U.S. House are also slated for “group castration,” again with Drs. Obama and McConnell administering the tough medicine to those vermin with the audacity to demand a balanced budget!

Let the message for forth to the heroic Tea Party members who have changed the way Americans think about spending and deficits: DO NOT WAIVER IN YOUR COMMITMENT TO CONSERVATIVE PRINCIPLES!

Americans are counting on the Tea Party to inject common sense and fiscal responsibility into this political debate.

Carry on Tea Party, and God Bless!
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  • we have voted for McConnell everytime but we want anymore and i wrote him and told him so.  i have wrote McConnell on several issues and can't get anything out of him, it's the same old washington B.S. can't get an straight answer out him. he has been in office for 26 years. why would he want to balance the budget when he is bring millions of taxs dollars into ky. to build new bridges in jefferson co at the tune of 264 billion  also new parks in jefferson co. 100 million. what about stimulas money to build the first green fire house in ky. 500,000 community development grant, its going to have a vegetable roof. wind turbine, solar panels and recycled roof rainwater

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