By all accounts, Harold was a bright child.   He grew up in America.   He went to school and had a bright future ahead of him.

 Harold’s full life was cut short in a violent moment

 While few people had ever heard of Harold before his death, many did afterwards.

 And in death, something shocking happened.

 What was so shocking, especially when it is compared to the death of someone else recently in the news?

 Harold is Harold Greene, Major General United States Army.

 On August 5th, General Greene was killed by a Taliban terrorist. He was returned to America with full military honors.

 While Major General Greene was buried, Barack Obama was golfing.   The Vice President wasn’t there either.   Flags were not even lowered to half staff.

 Four days after Harold Greene gave his life for America, Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson Missouri.

 It is safe to say, Brown was at best a thug.

 The media has repeatedly shown photos of Brown flashing gang signs.   Some media outlets have even associated him with a specific gang.   In the minutes before his death, Brown committed a robbery at a local convenience store.   According to other reports, Brown struck officer Darren Wilson and shattered his orbital bone.

 Obama is sending a three-person delegation to Michael Brown’s funeral.

 Obama would not attend the funeral of the highest ranking military officer killed in the line of duty since 9/11, yet he will send a delegation to the funeral of a thug.

 When Margaret Thatcher, one of America’s staunchest allies and Ronald Reagan’s partner in bringing down Soviet communism, died Obama sent only a small low-level delegation to her funeral.   The snub was not missed by the British.

 When Chris Kyle, the most lethal American sniper in history was murdered, there was no expression of sympathy from the White House.   There was no White House delegation at his funeral.

 American heroes die and Obama goes to the golf course.

 A thug dies and he gets a White House delegation.

 No wonder real Americans hold Obama in contempt.


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  • Fellow Americans, George W. Bush created this war on terrorism. and cost us thousands of American's lives. Our duty as Americans is to tell the truth and expose these criminals and corporate predators. We must teach our youth the truth and declare 9/11 as a day on infamy perpetrated by our own government against Americans and the world community.

    Fellow Americans, we must stop this fraud and deception, stop the killings, our lives and Iraqi lives should not be waste to satisfied the greed of the predator corporatism that controls the oil rich fields of Iraq. No more American soldiers should die under the pretense and made believe that they are fighting defending our country. Stop this evil monster predator of human lives, sycophants that for the love of money they commit crimes against humanity. Bush and Obama must be prosecute by the HAGUE and the ICC and us as Americans should demand the impeachment of Obama for violation of the constitution and the rule of law; seek the truth and prosecute the traitors. We must not be part of this genocide committed under the pretense of democracy. Bush and Obama are criminals they must be prosecute, no man is above the law in our country, we must end impunity in our country.  The military intervention to rob countries of their natural resources must end. American predator corporatism created hate toward Americans, no more Americans lives should be waste to enrich Americans predator corporations.

    Please contact you representatives and demand the stop of the killings no more wars, demand respect for others countries rights, culture and religion; the respect for the rights of others is peace.   http://www.contactingthecongress.org/


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