Taking up the Mantle

Hi, I’m Melony DeFord and I am a PROUD member of the Tea Party.

I want to share a story with you all and I hope you remember this as I have as we fight the ongoing tyranny, corruption and ‘fundamental change’ that we see daily happening in this country. If we want to save this nation we have to have purpose and focus.
My story here is what keeps me going. I hope it does you all as well.

In 2010, I had a great opportunity to travel this great land of ours with the Tea Party Express.
It was quite a journey for me, and one of many firsts.
It started out in Atlanta and I flew into Las Vegas. I met up with the rest of the Express members where I met some really wonderful people. Our very own Lloyd Marcus was one of the first people I met and we sparked an immediate friendship. Everytime we saw each other it was hugs all around. I miss those hugs. I also met Debbie Lee, whose son Marc Lee was the first Navy SEAL killed in Iraq. She is quite an inspiration. Diana Nagy and The Radio Patriot Andrea Shea King was there too. Amy Kremer, Dustin StocktonSelena Owens and her family, Joe W. andBenjamin Smith, also a
Navy SEAL, Melanie Morgan, and Joe “The Plumber” was there as well. Later as the tour progressed, I met Lloyd's wonderful and beautiful wife Mary! Another instantaneous friendship developed.

Anyways, that’s my ‘who’s who’ list.
We started out in Searchlight and went from there all the way to Washington DC where we did our last event on April 15th.


We were on the road for 3 weeks and hit 21 cities. By bus. Three of them.
The events were great and we met so many wonderful Patriots every where we went. But what started out as an adventure in taking our Nation back turned into a profound call for me.

At the end of each event, Lloyd would walk back out onstage and call all the Veterans up to the stage and we would all join them and sing “God Bless the U.S.A”. It was moving. To see so many veterans from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq - Operation Desert Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) and Operation Iraqi Freedom was very moving.
After we were done we would shake hands and thank those had served our Nation and had sacrificed so much. Sometimes it would come after Debbie Lee got up and talked about the service and sacrifice of her son.


I can’t recall what city we were in or what point it was on the tour, but I stuck out for me and it is one of the most
memorable things that happened to me on the tour.
We had just finished up with singing “God Bless the USA” and I was walking around shaking hands with our Veterans and this man who had served in Vietnam was standing in front of me crying. I went to shake his hand but I got a great big hug. And he was thanking me for doing what I was doing. I lovingly pushed him back so I could look at him and Thanked HIM for his service for with out him serving and fighting for our Nation I wasn’t or would not have been able to do what I was doing. He grabbed me again. Of course by this time we both were crying. And he Thanked me some more and here is what I told him: “You have fought for me for a long time. It’s time for me to fight for you.” We hugged again and of course he and I were still shedding our tears. I didn’t get to thank to many more after that because I was just to emotional.

Folks, we have the enemy in our land and these Veterans have served us for a long time.
It is now time. Time for us to pick that mantle up and save our country. They are depending on us. Yes, there are those out there standing with us in the trenches, but there are those that cannot.

What is "Taking up the Mantle"? A person who "picks up the mantle" is taking over for someone else--usually a noteworthy person--in the pursuit of a goal.

Photo Credit: Mary Pearson

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  • She's my friend on Facebook woo hoo!!


    Love Always and Shalom ( Peace ), YSIC \o/

  • As a person whose published family tree goes back to Fielding Lewis of Gloucester County, Virginia and several of his descendants, I am proud of what Revolutionary Navy Lt. Abraham Lewis did in his small ship as they and two others blockaded the Hudson River near West Point and he and his crew rescued the crews of the other two ships which were sunk by the British. There was also another Lewis and a Revolutionary Army Captain Charles Smith who were known to have fought in the Revolutionary War. And then, on my mother's side, her mother was a Mitchell, and that branch of the Mitchell family was closely related to the Clark family in Ohio. Revolutionary Army Major George Rogers Clark led a force up into Canada during that war.  

    Later, another descendant of Fielding Lewis and friend of Third President Thomas Jefferson, one Meriwether Lewis, and his assigned companion, the younger brother of George Rogers Clark, Will Clark were the leaders of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Still later, Billy Mitchell, of Grandma's Mitchell relatives, became known for "Bombs Away on Tokyo!"

    My family historically has fought for the freedoms and liberty we have almost completely lost in just the last six plus years. It makes me angry and frustrated, but as a 77-year old family man who has a 45-year old wife and four sons at home (16, 13, and twins 10.5) mouths to feed I have no great income I can spare to aid in the battle for our nation, but a very real battle it is to me. 

    I have seen and talked with people in T'bilisi, Republic of Georgia, during four trips lasting a total of 15 weeks, some of whom remembered the young Georgian, Josef Jugashvili, as he associated with Marxists there, then moved to Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia where he later became known as the BRUTAL Dictator Josef Stalin. I have talked with a few people in St. Petersburg during a two-day visit there and more in Moscow during a similar time frame. They recall the take-over of Russia and its becoming the Soviet Union. They recall many of the hardships and brutality — midnight KGB or NKVD knocks on the door and parents, friends or other relatives vanishing and never seen nor heard from later. I see the parallels. I see so many danger signs for the land of the Free and Home of the Brave. 

    What is going to happen WHEN Obama thinks he has enough of the top military blindly obeying him to go ahead and command Martial Law, which he already has Executive Orders in place to do when he thinks he can get away with it. Who would dare to try to stop him? Boehner talks big but acts like a whipped puppy when Obama says "bark!" Ditto, Senator McConnell. What about Chief Justice Roberts? Well, he talked like he was solid to declare ObamaCare un-Constitutional but after a secret conference with Obama, he reversed his opinion with a very lame-duck excuse. Who, of the remaining un-fired Generals or Admirals, would dare to countermand an order from the Commander-in-Chief to kill conservative Americans as enemies of the State WHEN Martial law is declared?

    This is the reality of what is already a heavy cloud over us. Who has the clout and the means to stop the Jihad of Sharia Law that will destroy Women's Suffrage and return women to mere servants of men? What about child protection when the father can kill his child for disobedience or refusing to become Muslim? 

    PLEASE! PLEASE!! PLEASE!!! Let's get someone who does have the clout, the wealth, the dedication to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, put the necessary pressure on the three most directly with the power to stop this nonsense before it kills the United States. Those three titles are 1. Speaker of the House; 2. Senate Minority Leader and 3. Supreme Court Chief Justice. 

  • Great message!

  • God is at work, fellow Patriots, so do not fear. Does not the word mention that 365 times in the Bible. Judgement has fallen on this government, and the Obama is finished. Keep praying, and watch how fast God moves to restore our land. Do not EVER give up, and pray without ceasing!

  • Only the States of these United States can reform our Federal government.  We need another Constitutional Convention attended by the majority of the States to get the U.S. back on the straight and save this nation from going over the cliff....from ruin and bankruptcy.  The President and the Congress will never implement the needed reforms necessary to lift America out of the pit it is heading down into. 

  • Thanks for this post.  Yes it is our duty to do as you describe and that mantle is our nation.  WE must keep the nation they served strong and, ever ready for our daily bread and the challenges it fosters.

  • Wow!  Melony!  Just got around to reading this this morning-a powerful story-thanks for sharing it with us!

  • Barry is having a scheduled Easter egg rolling contest for the children on the White House grounds. I am sure he will cancel this event when he realizes that OAS is really happening. I hope he stays so we can arrest him and throw him in the can along with all of his cronies.

    OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING MAY 16, 2014 Washington D.C.     


  • Little scardy cat will leave town.  You can bet on that. 

  • Lets get everyone to D.C. 05/16/14 and remove the scat that pretends to be our government.

    We can not wait any longer or the battle to retake our country back will be violent and bloody and make us a target to attack from other counties while we are takeing over the rein's of government.   

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