Taking the Islamic Challenge Seriously


When Muslims commit acts of terror, it is standard operating procedure for some authority or other to assure the populace that “this has nothing to do with Islam.” This is said so frequently as to induce a boy-who-cried-wolf reaction in anyone with an ounce of contrariness. Nowadays, if there’s a fender bender on the next block or a glitch in our computer, we automatically assume that it probably has something to do with Islam. So it’s refreshing to finally hear a world leader (in this case, a former world leader) admit that global Islamic terror actually does have something to do with Islam.

In a keynote address in April at Bloomberg Headquarters in London, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair described radical Islam as the single biggest threat facing the world today.  He went on to criticize Western commentators who “go to extraordinary lengths” to avoid linking terrorism with Islam.  “It is bizarre,” he said, “to ignore the fact that the principal actors in all situations express themselves through the medium of religious identity.”

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Although Blair suggested that radical Islamic ideology “distorts and warps Islam’s true message,” he nevertheless emphasized that this extremist movement is based in religious belief.  He added that we in the West can gain a better understanding of the Islamist ideology by remembering “the experience of revolutionary communism and fascism.”  His main message?  The “defeating of this ideology” should be at the top of the global agenda.  In short, Blair is calling for ideological warfare against “Islamism” (his term for radical Islam).

During the Second World War and during the Cold War that followed, we didn’t hesitate to engage in ideological warfare first with Nazism, and then with communism.  It was considered perfectly legitimate to go after the ideas which lay at the base of these totalitarian systems as a way of weakening belief in them.  And we didn’t particularly worry about who might take offense.  But what if the ideology that threatens you comes wrapped in the cloak of religion?  Blair calls for the defeat of the “Islamist” ideology, but how can you engage in ideological warfare if criticism of the enemy ideology is off-limits?

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  • you have the right Idea Ted Lwe have to organize before we can do anything one here and there will go by the way of Ruby Ridge and his family

  • Ted S., there you go! I to will drop everyone of them that shows up in my area! But Ted, do we sit by and let them get a bigger hold! Or do we try to stop them now? I stood up in church and gave a hoarse lesson on islam and had the fact to back up what i was saying. And, was asked to leave that church! But, low and behold! Was asked to come back the next week and give more inf on what i had told them before!! Seams the church leaders had a change of heart! We went back and had a three hour church service! And now have been asked to come and talk at the wednesday ladies service! Wife will do that one. I will be at the mens Bible study on Sunday morning! So there are thing you can do to! Yes i took a chance in standing up in church and talking the FACTS! But it worked!! Hell, we have handed out reading material at the stop light, like the people wanting handouts, in front of W-Mart! We HAVE to get people to understand what we are up against! So, jump in here with up! Take care. Thank you also for the love , I know you have , for GOD and COUNTRY.

  • Ted Lewis, I will tell you what I will do when the time comes but I think I would be put in jail for telling you but trust me I will fight like a savage and people will remember I dont like the mus never have the 1st time I ever met 1 was in England 33 yrs ago and they were spouting their garbage then and anyone that disagreed with them got the equivelancy of being stoned soda cans and whatever else was thrown I dont like them and never will

  • Ted S., with the police killing people EVERYDAY. Jareer Abeed arming every  group that he knows will follow his every order! And stopping the Border Patrol from stopping illegals from coming into our country! Controlling almost every aspect of our daily lives! Muslims taking over whole towns! When do YOU think will be the right time! And what do YOU think we should do? Turn the other cheek? 

    When you daughter is sold into the muslim sex slave groups? Maybe then? When you are forced to become muslim? Or your wife killed because she would not deny CHRIST!? And by the way? That is happening today! In our country. Being killed for being Christian! How far will you let this go? When will you get tired of turning the other cheek? 

  • Ted I Lewis We as a people will know without a doubt when is the best time to fight will be and the exact place to fight that we will do the most damage

  • Ted Sockwell, that is something my wife and I do every day. But is that all we need to do? If MY HISTORY is right? That is the only thing that million Jews did! Do you know how that worked out for them? Pray, yes, and hard and everyday! But that is not the only thing that should be done!

  • Very well said Ted Sockwell!

  • Anyone and everyone that wants to fight this proverbs has a verse for every day of the week and for the month my suggesstion is read and pray every day to heal our government and our country

  • Mr Parker, you are absolutely correct! I had been investigating Obamanations past records, speeches, and etc., because I had never heard of this obscure and little known man! As I continued to look into his past, little red flags starting raising serious concerns for me. You see, I NEVER ever vote for the PARTY, but always the man! Any one who is proud to vote a straight party line ticket is a moron, in my humble opinion! Now I began to pray about Barack Obama somewhere around Augustt, 2008 and God immediately replied to my question. I asked Him who is this man Obama! He said, as clear as a bell; Obama is a man of grievous deceptions! Well, that was enough for me. HE knew I would never vote for a man who is a compulsive liar! I realize lawyers think that God has given them the right to Lie, but the living word of God says that those who LIE and not turn from their lying are going to hell! But in all truth, I could not understand why the American people elected him to the office of El Presidente, the Usurper, especially so soon after the Muslim terrorist attack of 9/11/2001! But I was sure shocked that he won!

    I continued to investigate this man of deception and he certainty held true to his profile! He would make these seemingly sincere campaign promises, but he would turn right around and do the exact opposite of his claimed views on this policy and that! He proclaimed he is a Christian, but in a short span of time, I realized, as a very well trained :fruit inspector", having the Spiritual gift of discernment, I knew he has never known Jesus Christ in the way I came to know Him! I've never been one to jump to quick conclusions, but I quickly realized that this man of great deceptions was not a Christian, but a man who serves strange gods! By early April, 2009, I knew that he was a man who had the spirit of the Anti-Christ!, but I held those facts to myself. By 2012, I had declared to some on these blogs that Obamanation is an enemy of God! That he is an enemy of my Lord Jesus Christ. It was when he refused to be photographed at Notre Dame University, with the crosses covered in black or he would not speak! It was then that I was fairly confident that he has a demon! But I was not ready to declare to the world that he is the true Anti-Christ spoken of in the Book of Revelation! I needed more proof and supporting documentation. By and by, around May 12, 2014, I was absolutely convinced, like never before, that Obama is the Anti-Christ described in the Book of Revelation! What really threw me and kept me indecisive was the fact that he was married to a woman, and they have 2 young daughters. Then I came across several pictures which stopped me in my tracks, and I knew then that everything, I mean everything fit together like a glove! The pieces to the puzzle were all fitting together nicely, perfectly! The odds of this happening and it turning out to be that he is not, is like 10,000,000,000,000 to one! Obamanation is not stupid, nor incompetent, but he is his fathers Son, the man of sin, the lawless one, the son of Belial! He is very crafty, but like all liars they tell so many lies they forget the ones they have told and soon the lie becomes an embarrassment. But even in being exposed time after time, issue upon issue, it took most of those who now see the lies and deceptions when I saw them almost immediately, told others about them, and they still did not see or hear.

    It was indeed prophesied that he would deceive many! The problem now is he is deeply entrenched in his plan to subjugate the American people! He IS a thief, a LIAR, and a destroyer! I know one thing for a certainty, Hillary Clinton has known for along time about the real Obamanation! She has absolutely lied and fell on her sword to protect Obamanation! I am not looking for any kind of recognition, truly. It is and was my father in Heaven who has directed me all along the way in obtaining the insight to find the truth! I have no personal axe to grind with Obamanation! But I absolutely detest a liar! Yet, I continue to pray for his conversion to Christ and his salvation. Oh, I know what you are going to say, he is lost and can not be redeemed through the blood of Christ.  But Jesus said we are to pray for the lost of this world. I believe that if Obama wanted to turn his life over to Jesus Christ that He could find salvation, after all, I would rather serve in heaven than burn in hell for eternity!

    So, here we are! Time is very very short, even at the door!  The next step is the return of Jesus Christ to rapture his Bride, the body of the church! We should fully understand what comes next for those who are left behind! Russia will run in stealth nuclear Submarines, a sneak attack on the United States and hit us with every nuclear weapon he can and their accuracy will be uncanny! Destruction in our deep sub pins, our military bases, and major cities will go up in smoke and fire! People will instantly be vaporized. Many of our high ranking officials will be wiped out! If you haven't come to know Jesus Christ as your personal savior, don't you think it is about time? Just a thought! No pressure, you might have a few months left or less!

  • Step 1: Be constant in reading the Word of God... prayerfully, with humility, and a contrite heart. stay read up, giving thanks to our heavenly Father for his Grace and Mercy! So, Stay Read up, Keep looking up, for we are going up.... when Christ appears to take us up in the rapture with all the other elect of God the Father! Our Holy Lord Jesus is coming to rapture the church, the elect of Christ Jesus! For when that which restrains is taken out of the way, then the son of perdition will be revealed unto the world!

    Step 2: Stay in Prayer before our Heavenly Father, seeking Him to heal this nation and redeem the lost, as well as casting out all that is evil in this nation, in as much as those things we can lay hold of or do. Stay steady in prayer and fasting. For the Holy God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob is faithful to answer prayers!

    Step 3: Try to influence as many conservative voters to be ready to vote in the November elections and be darn sure you support the Republican or conservative Tea Party candidate who wants to win in the Senate so we  can gain control of the House and the Senate. That way we can get enough control and run out or impeach any sorry arse like Eric Holder!

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