"Taken" Mr. President????

I am madder now at the fool in White House than I have ever been.  Last week, in a campaign speech about the budget deficit, Mr. Obama said that the successful in this country had "taken" more from this country than the middle class and poor, and therefore should not have a problem with higher taxes "giving" back to the system we "took" from.  I know his game of class warfare, but enough of this BS!  I will be as loud as any liberal from this day forward, so I don't have to listen to this power grab garbage being shoved down my throat by screaming libtards.  I am an American dream story, my mother only went to the 8th grade, my father died when I was 3, we lived in poverty, but grew our own food, worked, prayed and lived by a code that is all but gone today.  My grandmother used to say, "God helps those that help themselves".  Now you can't even mention God in public discourse without an ACLU creep filing a lawsuit against you.  I served in southeast asia in the military at the end of the Vietnam war, used my GI bill to go to college, because there was no money otherwise(I also worked in cotton mills to add to my living expenses while in college), and now I am a doctor with a successful practice worth more than $2 million dollars.  And I TOOK from America?  I have also served 38 years total in the active and reserve Army, and still serve to this day.  I will retire in 3 to 4 years, and would do it all again if I had to.  Having said all that, I believe we are past the tipping point of restoring our country through any other means than changing the government. I have been defending the Constitution for 38 years from enemies foreign, as I swore to do, now it is time to turn our attention to the "domestic" enemies who are unfortunately occupying the power seats of the government.  Through the powers given in the Constitution, it is time to establish a new government, period.  I am not suggesting a violent revolution, but make our demands extremely simple:  the members of all 3 branches of government have conspired to ignore the constitution and are in violation of it's very principles.  We must exert all our efforts to oust them.  We should also demand their resignations, though I know that will be ignored, but it still should be our demand.  We can't work within the system anymore, it is so bastardized as to be beyond repair.  We must return to the constitution as created by the founding fathers at any cost.  I have ceased to contribute to the Republican Party, and now will make all political donations to the Tea Party, as long as the members and the organization stay true to the constitutional principles that made our country what it is(was).
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  • the next two elections are the key.  vote out anyone who has not voted correctly since the last election.  that means republicans as well as democrats and certainly this monkey ass president.  if we have another game changing election in 2012, then the remainders will most certainly know, if they cross the tea party movement they will be gone in the 2014 elections.  And so will those who we put into office in 2010 get the message.  they are not there for a career, but to do our bidding.  

    As far as I concerned let Obama remain in office if we don't get what we need, middle class representation.  Otherwise you're just getting played, as monkey in the middle.

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