Take Back America

We need to take back America and take it out of the hands of the politicians that are only in it for their own greed and their own agenda and not that of the American people. I served in the military many years ago and fought in Vietnam and I can tell you this this is not the America I fought for. I feel for the servicemen and women who serve today and lay their lives on the line for a government that does not support them, they are not fighting for the American way of life they are fighting for the greed of some politicians who are lining their pockets at the cost of American lives. With high cost's for food and housing and taxes and everything else and our freedom's slowly being taken away, we need to say enough is enough and put a stop to all this. We need to stand up and Take Back America!

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  • just say when and where, I'm sick of these Zionist/Jihad dicks who think they can control us, We The People are strong and not dumb, We the people need to put down the damn remote, stop watching our government slaughter us and turn us into a Martial/sharia Law situation. Its time to stop saying and start doing! The Bible and Guns built this once great nation, its time to try and restore it!!!!

  • They are not fighting for greed they are trying to make America a communist nation. These people are communist, that all it is about, they are not dumb they are Marxist and that is what they are pushing and they have to make us all broke first, with no money...

  • It was a minority who took over our government.  It only takes a minority to take it back.

  • Less Congress Comes Out of the Shadows as a Few Reps have and put a halt to all the Tyranny and Treason, it will be up to the People to remove all Tyrannical Corruption from our Gov't and that means to do so is to have the American People Bound Together and implement a Second American Revolution!
    Its either fight, or surrender to Socialism, or which ever type of Gov't that can prevail over the others as there are plenty of Gov'ts that would love to take over the USA!

  •  Start saving up money,food, What ever you think will support the cause. The time for talk is over. We have to feed and support the people who will fight to save us! I dont know about you. But the older i get the better i used to be. Isnt cutting it. Think clear and wise.

  • It is imperative that we return our country to it's Constitutional Glory as subscribed by the Founding Fathers.

  • 1. Impeach and remove Obama.  

    2. Elect Judge Jeanine for President

    3. Palin for VP

  • Frank---ALL of my family--Grand fathers both sides WWI--my Father and Uncles WWII-and going back further ALL THE WAY BACK to the FOUNDERS-FOUGHT AND SETTLED this country--Jefferson and Tyler both are on my mothers side as is Mary -QUEEN of SCOTS--the ROYAL house of Stuarts. MY first WAR was the same as YOURS--NAM--and I agree WE DID NOT FIGHT and DIE so that the TRASH that is DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY be allowed to .

    THERE is a group of people in our country that are CONTENT to be LAZY,worthless and LET US REAL AMERICANS PAY THEM TO LIVE-THESE are the ones who WERE BOUGHT AND PAID FOR BY THE DEMORATS and OBAMA--the ILLEGAL in our WHITE HOUSE is NOT AN AFRO-AMERICAN--his FATHER was 87% ARAB and 13% KENYAN NEGRO---that is IF HE CLAIMS THAT OBAMA WAS/IS  HIS FATHER--if it is FRANK DAVIS that is a NEGRO of a DIFFERENT COLOR.

    IF you look REAL CLOSE you will see that 90% of the DO NOTHINGS in our GOVERNMENT are the SAME TRASH that SOLD US OUT before--SAME ones that called us BABY KILLERS etc---they sure have come a long way from their CRAP BACK THEN. THE TRASH OBAMA and his RADICAL COMMUNIST TRASH in MY OPINION HAVE already DECLARED WAR on us REAL AMERICANS--and as a COMBAT MARINE I SEE no ROE in front of me---it is OPEN SEASON on the trash and the ILLEGALS---TRASH is TRASH and THE MUZZIES are in that same bag...I can say that THERE are many of MY FRIENDS who are READY to go to DC armed and I DO MEAN ARMED---MANY of us have the SAME WEAPONS that OUR MILITARY has--and as I said---I AND THEM ARE under NO ROE---if any LEA/FED pulls a weapon on any of us---they had BETTER KILL with the first shot--they WON'T get a second chance.

    SEMPER FI and LET MY know when YOUR READY TO ROLL !!

  • We need to take back America in the 2014 elections......vote all republican  and take the power away from Obama and his henchmen. Let the republicans hold the majority of the seats in both houses. That will clip Obamas horns....wake up people....if we don't take our government back now....we never will.

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