Hope and change? Rather Hope to change! Putting the Rule of Law; the economy; our traditional values and mores into a tail spin; to total destruction of our Nation before anyone notices Obama's departure from his Reign of Tyranny. The transgender is one of his last attempts to jeopardize the Rule of Law,The Constitution, and everyone of the State's economy, and State sovereignty. In addition, he is travelling to the Far East, lighting fires of subliminal aggression; setting up the next Administration for failure.There has been much hot air conversation about his Treason, yet it has been tolerated: Why? Obama has not been held responsible, or liable for his blatant successful attempt to destroy our Nation. Over 20,000 destructive executive orders, and there is no real alarm; but rather passive acceptance of them; using all agencies to write rules and regulations, bypassing the Rule of Law; Congress, The Sovereignty of States, and the Constitution; ultimately, undermining every rational American.Yes, he will leave often, shortly, however, his mark of destruction of the USA, will last!The intent is to tail spin America, as his lasting legacy of hatred for it.JP De Marco
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