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russ-1.jpg?width=262Barack Hussein Obama is the weakest U.S. president in history and that fact is now on glaring display on the world stage.

Obama’s intent to create a vacuum of power in Syria, to be, in his hopes, filled by Islamists has exposed his weakness for all to see as Russia takes the lead in truly fighting the Islamic terrorists there. Rather than doing what Obama has done for the past 13 months…bombing empty warehouses and pin-prick attacks on vehicles…Putin has Russian SU-30’s raining hell upon the Islamist command and control centers.

Obama’s weakness was further highlighted last week when John Kerry played second fiddle to Russia’s Lavrov in a press conference after Putin made his first appearance and speech at the United Nations in a decade.

Now, to further relegate Obama and the U.S. under Obama’s control to the sidelines…China is preparing to send warplanes into the skies over Syria, working in concert with the Russians to stop ISIS in their Islamic tracks.


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  • The wars in the Middle East is all about the control of the oil reserves. The US, The UK, Canada and Israel in collaboration with the US mainstream media created the motives to invade 5 countries in the Middle East to facilitate the control of this region and control the oil, Syria civil war was the work of the USA they organized and support the rebels with money and arms to overthrow the Syrian government. ISIS is the creation of the US; The CIA is the agency that is use by the US to undermine foreign governments and overthrow or kill the Presidents if they do not conform to the agenda of the US to gain control of they natural resources or support their agenda of colonization.


    Oil in Iraq
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