Okay let us just add some of this together here. Obama stopped all the orders of the most advanced military equiptment in existance, like the F-22. I hear he is getting ready to sell some top secret M-1 tanks to Egypt. Since Chobram armor was designed in the UK, that is sure to piss them off, causing damage to NATO. He is also cutting in the Medical care to both Active military personnel and veterans, causing damage to morale.

The FBI already watches the social media on the Internet under very special orders and closely watched in how they do it. Now he wants to have DHS do it, without the controls that prevent the FBI for full invasion of privacy.

He is also going to sing into the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, or ACTA. I has much the same as SOPA but doesn't have to pass through Congress to go into effect. It is actually worst that SOPA in fact. It will allow censorship of the internet.

I wonder how of the half a billion of campaign funds that Obama used for the presidential race that he got from overseas.


The Obama bin Laden couldn't as much damage to the US security and freedoms as the Obama now in the Oval Office!

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  • The FBI and the DHS focus on 2 entirely different things when they do intellegence work. I case you're not worried about the government spying on you, the Espionage Act of 1917 is still in effect now as Title 18, Crime. Specifically it is 18 U.S.C. §792. By the original, the people bashing Obama on this web site could be arrested and charged with treason, including you and me. The original was passed and could return again. No big problem there.

    The US courts are very touchy about exactly what the FBI can monitor over the internet. The DHS are not restrained by the courts as much as the FBI, powered by the Patriot act!

  • OK Robert where do I begin blasting, you touched on many issues & right on all. Once again I'll try hard to be nice. Start w/ the FBI so I know this will be short, this group of --- now teamed up with  DHS---. think they are something to fear, when thiis is just the opposite Spy all you want you ---.

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